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I’m Elizabeth Borelli, certified workplace wellness coach, nutrition expert, award-winning author, speaker and busy working parent.  I’m passionate about connecting busy people with the skills and resources they need to make better health choices through simple tips, information and strategies they can use every day.

In 2004, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a mega-anaylsis of national data spanning a 90 year period, which confirmed that the 100+ percent increase in rates of overweight, obesity and diabetes rose in direct proportion to the increase in consumption of refined carbohydrates.

Now ten years after these findings were first reported, obesity and type 2 diabetes are still at epidemic proportions.  If we know what the problem is, why aren’t we closer to a solution?

Here’s the thing…

There is no big secret to healthy eating, no one magic ingredient nor single guilty food group. It’s about knowing how to easily replace unhealthy refined foods with real, whole ones in ways that work for your lifestyle, and you can stick to over the long haul.

According to a recent Consumer Reports study, 9 out of 10 of us think our food choices are good, even though our refined carb intake is way out of balance.

The good news is, by learning how to upgrade your everyday living environment your can adopt new go-to food choices, without compromising taste or sanity. In short, you can turn your everyday subconscious habits into healthy ones!

A healthy diet begins at home, and basic know-how, simple time management strategies and the right resources will make taking back your health as fun as it is life changing.

Join me and get started on your own adventure in healthy, happy living today!

“Whether in a farmer’s market, from the podium, on the pages of her books, at a workshop, or across the dinner table Elizabeth connects to those she is with and shares her extensive and deep knowledge in a way that’s fun, compelling, and has enough humor and storytelling to keep everyone’s attention. What happens after that is, of course, up to you, but now your path to healthy and smart nutrition is clearly marked by simple and memorable guideposts.”

– Wallace J. Nichols, research scientist, NY Times best-selling author, Blue Mind

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