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About Elizabeth


Here’s a disclaimer:  I wasn’t always a home-cooking health maven.  Like so many diet-obsessed Americans, most of my early food choices were dictated by the calorie count on the side of the package.   Motherhood (and Al Gore) changed all of that.   Ten years ago I became a mom and added global warming to the things I now needed to worry about all in the same year.

I founded green living online resource and reusable goods  retailer Nubius Organics in 2004, which paved the way for a journey which has spanned the past decade.  My passion for environmental advocacy led me down a path I wasn’t expecting.  The more I learned about green living, the more convinced I became that the road to both planetary and personal health begins in the kitchen, and it became clear that mine needed a serious overhaul.  I began to research the work of dozens of leading experts in the field of diet and nutrition, and evolve my diet based on what I learned.  My whole family has experienced benefits I’d never believed possible; we’re healthier, more energized and so much happier for having eliminated the most common problem with the American diet:  refined, processed foods.

After my second child was born, I went on to earn a certificate in Nutrition Fundamentals from Cornell University to augment my knowledge of diet and nutrition.  Yet now with a family of four, I faced the other common barriers to healthier eating:  lack of time and know-how.  I realized I needed a system to keep my family thriving, while still maintaining both my sanity and my to-do list.  More research, lots of food preparation trial and error and over 80 recipes later, Beanalicious Living was born.

My goal is to share my knowledge, short-cuts and strategies to make plant-based, whole foods eating easy and enjoyable, even for the busiest people on the planet:  parents.  We all deserve the health benefits that come from opting out of the industrialized food system.   Let’s get started, more energy, better health and natural weight loss are just whole foods away!

– Elizabeth Borelli