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Interview with Dr. Katherine Reed, of UnblindMyMind

As an entrepreneur, biochemist, and mother of five, Dr. Reid was determined to investigate environmental factors that might be related to her daughter’s symptoms. This inspiring advocate then went on to found non-profit organization, Unblind My Mind, which is dedicated to helping others to learn how changes in diet can cure disease and improve quality of life. Click here to listen

Interview with Nickie Knight, founder, Hip Moms Go Green

Nickie Knight is the founder of popular web site, HipMomsGoGreen. Nickie combined a nursing degree from The University of Virginia and an innate love of research to tremendous effect in her personal life by minimizing her children’s severe health issues through alterations to her family’s diet and environment. Click here to listen

Interview with Robyn O’Brien, founder, Allergy Kids

A former food industry analyst, Robyn O’Brien is an author, strategist and mother of four, dedicated to exposing the impact that the global food system is having on our health. Click here to listen

Interview with Author Melanie Warner

Melanie Warner began her career as a freelance writer for various publications, including the New York Times, Men’s Journal, Fast Company and As a staff reporter for the New York Times covering the food industry Melanie became intrigued by the processed food industry enough to devote herself to a multi-year research project which gave her behind the scenes access into a shocking reality that effects every one of us. Her new book, Pandora’s Lunchbox, was named a Best Food Book of 2013 by Huffington Post. Click here to listen

Interview with Author John Robbins

Bestselling author, social activist, and humanitarian John Robbins is the author many influential books, including million copy best-seller Diet for a new America, which went on to become a popular PBS series. John is the recipient of the Rachel Carson Award, the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, the Peace Abbey’s Courage of Conscience Award, and Green America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, among others. John’s work has been featured in the NYtimes, the Washington Post, the LA times and numerous other publications. John has been a guest on Oprah. co-founder and CEO of the 100,000+ member Food Revolution Network. Click here to listen