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    Ongoing recipe contributor to Meatless Monday website

    December 2014, Real Easy Meals expert summit interview

    December 2014, Take Back Your Power video series, featured expert

    September 2014, Mr. Mom Radio Interview

    December, 2013 Host, 10-Day Processed Food Detox Challenge summit, featuring John Robbins and Robin O’Brien

    March 14, 2013 – “Beanalicious Living: A Step-By-Step Guide to Breaking Free from Processed Foods and Embracing a Healthy, Nutritious Lifestyle” Wins Rebecca’s Reads 2013 Choice Awards

    October 8, 2013 – The Bean Queen (Good Times Article)

    Summer, 2013 – Edible Monterey Bay feature article (print only)

    Small Press Bookwatch, October 2013 Featured Review

    Nov., 2012; Guest Blog, Santa Cruz Sentinel

    March, 2012; Guest Blog, Kris

    July, 2011; Guest Blog, Mind Body Green

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