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Enlivening your life with healthy eating habits, my philosophy:

Empowering individual consumer education and responsibility:  the diet and nutrition information most predominant in our culture is initiated by food companies who profit from our buying decisions, and your health may be suffering because of it.  We may be overfed, but a less known fact is that we’re also undernourished!   Check out the average American dietary intake of key nutrients to learn more.  Health conscious consumers need to become independently informed to make smart food choices.

No one-size fits all eating plan.  Every body is different, so nutritional requirements are highly individual.  While there are many different healthy eating plans, the one commonality is all credible dietary guidelines support is a reduction in refined and processed food consumption. 

Food and nutrition information can be short, straightforward and easily applicable.   Aggregating independent, credible  research findings creates a best-practices framework that separates health facts from hype.   Translating these into basic principles and guidelines helps make information easy to understand and adapt into your busy lifestyle, no nutrition degree required! 

Mind-body connection:  certain foods and additives have been proven to cause the biochemical response known as addiction.  Your brain no longer accurately interprets hunger and satiation signals.  Elimination of these foods allows the restoration of a functional environment for a healthy biological response.

Prioritizing health is critical to physical and emotional well-being.  Poor diet is the underlying cause of most of the disease we see today, including cognitive and emotional conditions ranging from depression to Alzheimer’s.  Most diet-related disease is preventable and reversible with healthy eating habits.

Preparing ahead makes it doable:  Learning basic cooking skills and preparing meals from scratch doesn’t have to be time-consuming.  Interactive tools and resources make it manageable, even for the chronically over-scheduled.  Find more tips and information about planning ahead here.

Restrictive or denial-based or changes don’t work.  Finding new, easily accessible, equally satisfying alternatives helps insure these lifestyle changes will stick long-term. 

Motivation is the biggest obstacle, but you can learn to overcome it.  When it comes to lack of success in reaching health and wellness goals, motivation has been cited as the critical factor.  Fortunately, we know that motivation isn’t some haphazard condition left entirely to chance.  If you have a goal you know you’d like to achieve, look for a deeper motivation.  Identifying the underlying desire behind the change you’d like to make will enable you to use it to help you succeed in reaching your goal.
Learn more about mindfulness and motivation here!

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