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Elizabeth Borelli is a leading plant-based nutrition coach, author and speaker who received her certification in Nutrition Fundamentals from Cornell University.   Tired of seeing obesity and health issues rise in our society due to eating too much overly refined processed foods, she wrote her new book, “Beanalicious Living: A Step-By-Step Guide to Breaking Free from Processed Foods and Embracing a Healthy, Nutritious Lifestyle”.



Nine out of ten Americans consider themselves in good health, however US citizens by far outweigh those of all other industrialized countries, and our national healthcare costs rank highest in the world.

Beanalicious Living, a Rebecca’s Reads award-winning Book of the Year 2013, offers a practical look at various factors responsible for this situation, then lays out a workable plan for incorporating more nutrition-dense, whole foods into your family’s regular eating regime while keeping your sanity intact.

This book not only dispels common myths around organic and whole foods eating, but also includes simple meal planning strategies and over 80 plant-based healthy, money saving, fast and easy recipes.

“Most people think that eating organic and whole foods is more expensive, and more time consuming to prepare, than eating processed foods, or that they won’t taste great.  It’s my goal to disprove all of that in an embraceable, enjoyable way”  explains Elizabeth Borelli. “I’m a busy mom with a family of four, and handle the meal planning, shopping, and cooking for my husband and two kids. So I can say first hand that bringing healthier foods, such as bean and plant-based recipes into our home as a protein source, has not only made our family healthier, it has also saved us money.

It is based on this personal philosophy Borelli wrote her book. When discussing it, she’s quick to make it clear that she’s not advocating to drastically change ones normal food lifestyle. Rather, she is a firm believer in “easing in” to it by replacing even just one or two meals per week with healthier, whole food, alternatives.

Learning how to read nutrition labels, which processed foods lead to addiction and weight gain, and how to replace them without compromise is key. However her book is also ideal for people who already adhere to a healthy eating lifestyle but are seeking new recipes to add variety to their meal plans. Plus, individuals and families who are focused on weight loss, and reducing health risks such as diabetes and heart disease, are embracing Borelli’s book.

Paperback: 234 pages
Publisher: Self Health Cafe, A Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprint (September, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939288193
ISBN-13: 978-1939288196
Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 7.4 x 9.1 inches

Editorial Reviews

“The health benefits of beans and other legumes are extraordinary. They stabilize blood-sugar levels, reduce food cravings, lower cholesterol
levels, help prevent colon cancer and diabetes and fuel vibrant lives. And now, finally, here’s the book that shows you how to totally enjoy them!”
–John Robbins, author of The Food Revolution, Diet for a New America, and many other best-sellers

“Beanalicious Living is about empowering you to make realistic choices for your family, and the author pokes holes in the myths that eating whole food
is too expensive or too time consuming – or anything short of delicious.”
–Sarah Wood, Editor and Publisher Edible Monterey Bay

“What a wonderful book for someone like me who can’t cook but still wants to be healthy and enjoy good food! Perfect! Thank you, Elizabeth, for making a
–Cecile Andrews, author of Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for
Conversation, Community and the Common Good

“In Beanalicious Living, Elizabeth Borelli simplifies the concept of whole-foods nutrition into easy-to-follow steps that make it simple to start moving toward a healthier lifestyle right away.” –Jenny Brewer, chef, nutritionist, journalist, and radio personality

“Beans. What could be more boring than beans? Perhaps a book about beans? Well, in fact, Elizabeth Borelli has put together a fascinating page-turner
of a book about how a diet emphasizing beans is not only not boring, but delicious, beneficial for you, and extremely helpful for this planet we all
share. Her very personal narrative will keep you engaged, and she rounds out the book with easy recipes that even non-cooks like me can make.”
–Scott Roseman, founder and owner, New Leaf Community Markets

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