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Elizabeth offers a variety of healthy food preparation workshops for parents.
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Is the health of your employees hurting your business?

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz: “We spend more on health care than coffee.”

Based on sick days, time off and lower rates of productivity, employers are suffering from the results of the growing diet-related disease epidemic, and it radically affects your bottom line.

Numerous studies show a direct correlation with poor diet, resulting in:

Work-site-based health promotion programs have been shown to improve employee health, increase productivity, and yield a significant return on investment for the employer, with benefit-to-cost ratios, ranging from $1.49 to $4.91 (median of $3.14) in benefits for every dollar spent on the program.

The good news?  Your employees are more receptive to change than you think!  The majority of adults say they would like to make improvements to their own diets, according to studies, yet their biggest deterrent is in knowing how to start.

And it’s not as hard as it sounds!  This isn’t just an issue of knowledge or willpower, it’s about changing your environment to achieve results, without resorting denial-based dieting.

Elizabeth focuses on improving employees’ health, by educating them on simple, easy to execute strategies that empower them to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and to lose some weight, gain some energy and improve their productivity levels in the process.

“Elizabeth creates easy-to-understand training materials and a dynamic, engaging learning environment. Her practical approach and style create a springboard for change and her dedication to helping people find and lead a healthy life through making sustainable choices in diet and lifestyle is changing the world we live in now and for generations to come.”

-Grace Gamboa, Community Curator, NextSpace Coworking and Innovation

*A current report released by the American Diabetes Association released in March 2013 states: Diabetes, a preventable, diet-related disease, costs employers an annual $69 billion in lost productivity, representing a 41% increase since the cost was last examined 5 years earlier.

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