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Hearty Fruit and Nut Breakfast Muffins

If you lack the patience for baking yet still relish the proceeds, this simple path to a super healthy breakfast baked good is for you.  And before you laugh at the idea of making muffins because you would never in a million billion years have time, consider this. This easy recipe gives you the opportunity to trade 30-minutes of your life in exchange for not accidentally consuming the antifreeze in the store bakery muffin, which can’t be all that good for you.

You’ll also get 18-20 hearty, delicious whole grain muffins to energize you through you many more mornings, requiring no prep time at all, at one quarter the cost of store bought, and with all of the extra protein and nutrients to boot.

Wholewheat blueberry muffins


Note:  You’ll save tremendous amounts of time and energy if you use muffin cups to line your pan and pour carefully for easy clean up.  Most grocery stores sell both of these items for under $10 total.  If you don’t have a muffin pan, you can use a 8” round or square pan instead.  Coat it with coconut oil before using to prevent sticking.


Muffins stay fresh for 3 days, but since these muffins don’t contain propolene gycole, you can freeze the rest and just thaw in the oven or overnight for an instant, healthy breakfast on the go, anytime.