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Personal & Parenting

Elizabeth offers a variety of healthy food preparation workshops for parents.
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Speaking Testimonials

“Whether in a farmer’s market, from the podium, on the pages of her books, at a workshop, or across the dinner table Elizabeth connects to those she is with and shares her extensive and deep knowledge in a way that’s fun, compelling, and has enough humor and storytelling to keep everyone’s attention. What happens after that is, of course, up to you, but now your path to healthy and smart nutrition is clearly marked by simple and memorable guideposts.”

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, author

“Elizabeth creates easy-to-understand training materials and a dynamic, engaging learning environment. Her practical approach and style create a springboard for change and her dedication to helping people find and lead a healthy life through making sustainable choices in diet and lifestyle is changing the world we live in now and for generations to come. “

Grace Gamboa, Community Curator, NextSpace Coworking and Innovation

“Elizabeth really speaks to the audience in a way they understand. Her engaging presentation style has enough humor in it to keep attention from wandering while not distracting from the important cooking and education tips that really left the audience excited about cooking more healthfully.”

Angie Smith, Community Coordinator, Homeless Garden Project

“I was really impressed with the team-building aspect of this program. Our employees not only made changes to their diets, improving major health markers in the process, they also established deeper levels of camaraderie among their colleagues as a result.”

Anita Beahm, CEO, Beahm Designs Inc.

Local Wellness Coach Elizabeth Borelli made a wonderful presentation to 60 women educators at our Delta Kappa Gamma Area V Joint Meeting in February, 2014. Her presentation titled “Eating for Health and Longevity” was a very clear power point geared to women of all ages and their families. I was pleased that Elizabeth did not try to sell her book but instead really wanted the group to learn techniques to eat healthier. After the presentation, I think she sold about 20 books because she is so believable. Several women have told me they have used her recipes and their families have really enjoyed the results. I have been receiving Elizabeth’s recipes by email and really enjoy the weekly updates. I highly recommend Elizabeth in all her endeavors.

Mary O. Dixon, Former Educator for 40 years at Pajaro Valley Unified School District, President, Zeta Chi Chapter and Treasurer, Delta Kappa Gamma Society