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Time Saving Cooking Tips for Easy Meal Preparation, from Scratch



Ask any busy mom why she doesn’t cook at home, and you’ll get some version of the same answer. But take a moment to reflect on what “I don’t have time” really means, and you’ll notice some loopholes in that argument. Meaning that it’s hard to really know whether you have enough time to cook unless you’ve tried these time saving cooking tips before, since as of now you don’t know actually know how much time they take.

And it’s a valid concern. Why invest valuable time to learn something you’re not going to use?

So what I suggest is this: start slowly and build up your skills kitchen-ninja style, one mindful step at a time. And that doesn’t have to mean starting with something hard, personally I don’t like to cook things that require too much concentration. Start with easy, so you can comfortably build from there.

Make the net gain outweigh the pain of the effort and you’ll be inspired to continue as it becomes your new normal, and before long it will. Plus, learning something new is the best exercise you can do for your brain, another bonus!

Here are the top 5 Beanalicious Living recommendations for learning to cook from scratch.

1. Try a multi-use recipe. Pick something that sounds appealing, like a sauce, dressing, bean, grain, salad, etc. that you can eat for multiple meals. You’ll be more motivated to prepare meals when you’ve done part of it ahead.

2. If you’re into memorizing, learn to make something you can whip up without a cookbook. You’ll be able to pick up ingredients on the fly when the occasion arises, and pull it together last minute any time you need to.

3. Make beans from scratch. When you learn how easy it is and wonder why in the heck you didn’t know about this sooner. No cans, no additives, less expensive and so much tastier, a bowl of beans stays fresh in the fridge for up to 5 days. Use them in recipes galore until then!

4. Try something new. If you’ve never whipped up a dressing or sauce in a blender, give it a shot! Quinoa is as easy to cook as rice, but higher in protein and lasts longer in the fridge without drying out. Kale is way more delicious than it looks. So many options, pick one!

5. Cook with a partner, or at least share the results. You never know who may end up a convert after you’ve shown them the way!

Once you become comfortable with some of the basics, you’ll be surprised at how you can expand your creativity from there. Cooking is rewarding, and when planned ahead and made simple, it can be easy and fun too! So get your kitchen ninja on and begin cooking your way to better health, starting today!

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