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I am very happy! It's twelve days and I am still doing the exercises from the challenge at the end of my working day.

Noemi, 10-day Challenge participant

It improved my energy

Teresa Roche, 10-day Challenge participant

The breathing exercises helped at the moment to release built up tension.

Cheryl Berny, 10-day Challenge participant

Your breakthrough breath work should begin at birth and extend all the way through life until we take our last breath on earth. It’s that important - the work that you do. Thank you for all that you do.

Karen Matteson, 10-day Challenge participant

It helped me to be with less stress.

Juan Garciar, 10-day Challenge participant

I learned the 3 step breathing helped me in specific times of stress. I like the longer exhale techniques which help me feel more grounded and stable. Thank you!!

Heather Culli

Breathe Into Breakthrough; a Fresh Approach to Building Focus, Positivity and Resilience

An Amazon Bestseller in the Physiological Aspects in Psychology (Books) and Organizational Development categories.

This book is designed to help readers learn to manage their anxiety-based through and behavior habits using a mindful breathing practice as the foundation for transforming your life.

Amazon #1 Bestseller!

The Breathe Into Breakthrough book and Companion Workbook are available to download or purchase as paperbacks.

Audiobook now available!

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