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Elizabeth Borelli, CPC, RYT is a bestselling author, top-ranked coach, and habit change expert with proven processes for building the self-awareness and emotional intelligence to sustain lasting change.

Elizabeth Borelli

Elizabeth Borelli illustrates a path to real change and growth. I highly recommend this book and her effective consult. She practices a development process that not only shows and illustrates the path, but coaches using it for true behavioral change.

Many, many thanks to you, Elizabeth & Rita, for a wonderful, information-filled experiential workshop! You are both amazing teachers. It was great fun and so well organized. Thank you also for following up with your wonderful resources and practices.

Anne Ewing, recent workshop attendee.

You have been very helpful Elizabeth.  Like dropping a stone into the water you create wonderful ripples when you help people.  I think your positiveness and confidence booster comments were incredibly helpful.  It is a tough blow to the self-esteem getting laid off.  You supplied the right Band-Aids.

Recent Client, Program Manager

I just signed an offer letter!  Your practice phone interview was a great help as was all your advice on my LinkedIn, resume, and cover letters.

Meg R.

Breathe Into Breakthrough; a Fresh Approach to Building Focus, Positivity and Resilience

An Amazon Bestseller in the Physiological Aspects in Psychology (Books) and Organizational Development categories.

This book is designed to help readers learn to manage their anxiety-based through and behavior habits using a mindful breathing practice as the foundation for transforming your life.

Amazon #1 Bestseller!

The Breathe Into Breakthrough book and Companion Workbook are available to download or purchase as paperbacks.

Audiobook now available!

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