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What if the biggest obstacle to reaching your goals was also the easiest to change?

Okay, to be fair, it's also the hardest. The ability to focus your attention rather than letting your recurring thoughts pull you off track is easy to do but hard to sustain. Maybe you've heard the "attention span of a goldfish" statistic?

I'm Elizabeth Borelli, PCP, RYT, MS Psy (c), and after 10 years of coaching Fortune 500 executives and researching leadership best practices, I've learned most of our challenges stem from an inability to stay present, to be in-the-moment open and aware instead of letting old stories dictate the script.

Change takes more than motivation. It takes the ability to manage your attention. Grounded in over a decade of behavior modification coaching, my programs offer proven and approachable exercises for building the focused attention, the powerful presence, and the resilience to withstand uncertainty and thrive in complexity.

Amazon #1 Bestseller!

As a coach, I help clients identify hidden beliefs, recognize their sabotaging patterns and take a pause before falling into the habit trap, that same old reaction that you can't seem to change.

I teach clients and teams to break through the habit trap using an approachable combination of neurobiology, breathwork and mindfulness techniques. When we stop over-relying on willpower or inspiration, we start to see real results.

My high-energy talks, trainings and programs combine ICF-certified leadership and career coaching, Transformational Psychology, Neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence and Workplace Wellness expertise to topics like:

  • Escaping the Habit Trap; Using Principles of Neuroscience to Explain Why We Do What We Do, even when we say we don't want to.
  • Radical Self-awareness; The Key to Your Thought and Behavior Change Roadmap.
  • Rejection-proof your Success Plan; how to understand and overcome the fears that stand between you and your goals.
  • Communication on Purpose; Overcoming the 5 Communications Blind Spots using a brain-based approach for building trust, increasing collaboration and getting results
  • Just Breathe; A fresh take on using mindfulness to manage stress and anxiety

Using methodology referenced from neuropsychology and experiential habit change, I teach clients to intercept the stress triggers and anxiety states that lead to the negative habits they most want to change.

The methods I share are essentially subtle shifts to help you unlink your physical patterns from your stress response.

You'll gain greater awareness of your default habits, and learn tools and resources for shifting your mindset, so you can get back into the driver's seat of your life.

Better yet, as you build greater self-awareness, you'll learn to identify and recognize your unique strengths and values, as you gain focus, clarity and the confidence to move into a place of greater meaning and fulfillment.

You have been very helpful Elizabeth.  Like dropping a stone into the water you create wonderful ripples when you help people.  I think your positiveness and confidence booster comments were incredibly helpful.  It is a tough blow to the self-esteem getting laid off.  You supplied the right Band-Aids.

Recent Client, Program Manager

I just signed an offer letter!  Your practice phone interview was a great help as was all your advice on my LinkedIn, resume, and cover letters.

Meg R.

Your workshops shared how you keep striving to improve yourself and learn new things, and help others to do so too. It also helped in approaching the job search from a perspective of learning and growth vs. worry and dismay.

Kelly Ann C.

Elizabeth Borelli is an extraordinary coach. I know I’m just one of many clients but Elizabeth made me feel like I was her total focus. I hope I never need (outplacement coaching) again but, if I do, I work with Elizabeth in a nanosecond.

Former Client, Steve B.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement! Your input and the tools you shared with me helped to ensure that I was well prepared for the interview, and apparently they thought it went as well as I felt about it! I am so grateful for you!

Jill Bakken, Recent Client

I could never have been this successful in my job search without your support and guidance. Your expertise is outstanding! I really appreciate all that you did to help me through this very difficult transition!

Kari Hungold, Recent Client

Elizabeth Borelli was a great inspiration for me. Elizabeth helped me regain confidence in my abilities and guided me with advice I will carry with me for the rest of my career.

Philip Conroy

Build a foundation for lasting change!

Mental Fitness


Regulate Energy
and Emotion

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Confident business woman closeup


Business people shaking hands

Using proven neuroscience-based strategies, I'll give you tools for lowering anxiety, managing energy, and overcoming mental and career obstacles, so you can finally experience life-changing action. I'll help you to leverage your strengths into the right career move as you build a brand that reflects your true goals, interests and talents.

More than a coaching process, my programs leave you equipped with life-changing mind-body practices for personal and professional growth. And it all begins with knowing how to build mental fitness, positivity, and resilience to face whatever life sends your way!

Elizabeth Borelli

Elizabeth Borelli, PCP, RYT, MA Psy Candidate

I'm excited to combine my ICF-accredited career and executive coaching experience with an integrative psychology-based approachable. My work combines simple best-practices from neuroscience, breathwork and mindfulness into a starting point to personal growth and professional development.

Clients learn mind-body stress reduction practices along with tools and resources for developing the confidence, focus and resilience you need to sustain momentum in the face of challenge and uncertainty.

Whether your goals include gaining visibility in the workplace, overcoming your fear of asking for what you want, managing emotions and showing up more powerfully, or getting focused and launching that transition plan, I can help you to build the clarity, the confidence and strategic action plan to make it happen!

Breathe Into Breakthrough; a Fresh Approach to Building Focus, Positivity and Resilience

An Amazon Bestseller in the Physiological Aspects in Psychology (Books) and Organizational Development categories.

This book is designed to help readers learn to manage their anxiety-based through and behavior habits using a mindful breathing practice as the foundation for transforming your life.

My Books

The Happy Planet Diet

Learn why a plant-based diet isn't a compromise. In this book it's an opportunity to eat healthier, cheaper and more delicious meals without spending your life in the kitchen.

There are so many reasons to up your nutrition game, but if you're a foodie like me, it has to be great. Discover how easy it is to enjoy a plant-based diet on a budget, with over 100 deliciously easy recipes you'll fall in love with!

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