Developing Leadership and Resiliency for Professional Growth

Learn how you can manage stress and master your mindset to show up more powerfully in any situation with Elizabeth Borelli, PCP, RYT.

Elizabeth Borelli

What do you feel is holding you back in your career?

  • A lack of focus?
  • Stress from uncertainty in your work?
  • Not enough time and too much to do?
  • You're stuck in a job or role you don't want?
  • You doubt your ability to effect change?
  • All of the above?

What if I told you that managing your stress is vital to your success in the workplace?

After years of coaching, helping hundreds develop their careers, I've noticed that stress in the workplace is what keeps people stuck. They undermine their own progress through hidden beliefs and self-doubt caused by stress and uncertainty.

But when they reduce that stress, everything falls into place. They have a greater focus on their work, improved resiliency in the face of workplace uncertainty, and tackle their employment goals with renewed vigor and ambition when anxiety no longer holds them back.


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Certified ICF Board Member

You have been very helpful Elizabeth.  Like dropping a stone into the water you create wonderful ripples when you help people.  I think your positiveness and confidence booster comments were incredibly helpful.  It is a tough blow to the self-esteem getting laid off.  You supplied the right Band-Aids.

Recent Client, Program Manager

I just signed an offer letter!  Your practice phone interview was a great help as was all your advice on my LinkedIn, resume, and cover letters.

Meg R.

Your workshops shared how you keep striving to improve yourself and learn new things, and help others to do so too. It also helped in approaching the job search from a perspective of learning and growth vs. worry and dismay.

Kelly Ann C.

Elizabeth Borelli is an extraordinary coach. I know I’m just one of many clients but Elizabeth made me feel like I was her total focus. I hope I never need (outplacement coaching) again but, if I do, I work with Elizabeth in a nanosecond.

Former Client, Steve B.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement! Your input and the tools you shared with me helped to ensure that I was well prepared for the interview, and apparently they thought it went as well as I felt about it! I am so grateful for you!

Jill Bakken, Recent Client

I could never have been this successful in my job search without your support and guidance. Your expertise is outstanding! I really appreciate all that you did to help me through this very difficult transition!

Kari Hungold, Recent Client

Elizabeth Borelli was a great inspiration for me. Elizabeth helped me regain confidence in my abilities and guided me with advice I will carry with me for the rest of my career.

Philip Conroy

Build a foundation for lasting change!

Mental Fitness


Regulate Energy
and Emotion

Relaxed working woman


Confident business woman closeup


Business people shaking hands

Using proven neuroscience-based strategies, I'll give you tools for lowering anxiety, managing energy, and overcoming mental and career obstacles, so you can finally experience life-changing action.

More than a coaching process, my programs leave you equipped with life-changing mind-body practices for personal and professional growth. And it all begins with knowing how to build mental fitness, positivity, and resilience to face whatever life sends your way!

Elizabeth Borelli

Elizabeth Borelli, PCP, RYT

I'm excited to combine my ICF-accredited career and executive coaching experience with RYT 200 breathwork training into a unique mind-body approach to personal growth and professional development. Clients learn mind-body stress reduction practices along with tools and resources for developing the confidence, focus and resilience you need to sustain momentum in the face of challenge and uncertainty.

Clients are motivated to see beyond their limiting beliefs and use the strategic roadmap we co-create as they move through a proven process gleaned from coaching hundreds of mid-career professionals through successful transition.

My signature Breathe Into Breakthrough workshops are a great way to learn breath-based stress reduction basics in 10 minutes a day, no yoga pants required! You'll be amazed at the difference learning to manage your thoughts and emotions can make!

Breathe Into Breakthrough; a Fresh Approach to Building Focus, Positivity and Resilience

Based on Elizabeth’s highly successful professional development program, learn to self-assess, manage, and moderate your stress response as the foundation for achieving your potential. Includes separate workbook.

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