After years of coaching hundreds of people through career and leadership development, I’ve learned managing your mindset is the number one place to start.

I’m Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, a highly experienced career and leadership development coach, passionate about sharing proven, neuroscience-based strategies for lowering anxiety, managing energy, overcoming obstacles, and moving into life-changing action.

After successfully coaching hundreds of people through transition, I know that unless you learn to regulate your stress response and actively shift your attention away from the negative thought patterns keeping you stuck, you'll undermine your own success.

More than a coaching process, my programs leave you equipped with life-changing mind-body practices for personal and professional growth. And it all begins with knowing how to build mental fitness, positivity, and resilience, no matter what life brings your way.

Elizabeth Borelli

Ready to learn a proven formula for breakthough professional success?

  • Are you struggling to find motivation or purpose?
  • Are you  too overwhelmed with competing priorities to focus on yourself?
  • Do you get frustrated with your response to stress?
  • Are you held back by self-judgement?
  • Could you use help with goal setting best practices?
  • Would you benefit from tools for reducing anxiety and cultivating positive intelligence?

If so, I believe you’ve found yourself here for a reason. While you can't think your way out of negative thought patterns,  you CAN learn the tools for balanced energy, anxiety reduction, motivation and focus that are right at your fingertips!!

Breathe into Breakthrough!

Breathe into Breakthrough meets Positive Intelligence

New Free Workshops, 6-Week Program Includes Cool New App for Accountability!

I’m super excited to announce my membership in the Positive Intelligence (PQ) coaching community. This new program uses an app-based learning system to help you integrate mental fitness into your everyday life.

My new 6-week program combines proven behavioral science-based tools, combined with personalized goal-setting strategies for breakthrough growth. This is why I’m so excited to offer a new 6 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program!

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