10-Day Summer Reset

Join me for a 10-Day Summer Reset;
Just 7 minutes a day to reset your system for energy, positivity and lasting change!

The way you start your day matters (as we know)! What you may not know is, it doesn’t require a big time commitment or sacrifice. It does involve a simple shift in your morning routine, but you’ll be surprised at how easy this can be.

Join me for a live (or on-demand) 10-day series of fun and easy 7-minute morning wake-up routines.


June 1-10th, 7:30am - 7:37am

Live on Zoom

Join me live each morning for a series of seated, mindful breathing exercises, opening stretches, and brain-body connection techniques designed to start your day from a place of calm, focus, and confidence. If you’re in a different time zone, just begin the following day at your favorite wake-up time.

10 Days

See the difference

Stick with it for 10 days and start your summer with a fresh new perspective, as you continue to revisit the routines you liked best, and make them your own. You’ll be amazed at the difference these powerful practices will make!



This is a new workshop with a special intro offer of $29 and includes a free paperback copy of my book, plus shipping (a $15 value).


If you complete the 10 days and leave a comment or feedback on the program, I’ll mail you a free full-sized Tonic & Bloom hand-crafted Chai tea (an $8.75 value).

Reishi Chai Tea

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