3 Simple Breathing Exercises to Recover from a Stress Trigger

Do you ever get swept away in a state of stress? When you’re in that place, it affects the way you see everything.

Prolonged or chronic stress makes everything seem urgent. And when you’re drowning in overwhelm, it’s hard to stay connected to your long-term goals.

But what if you were able to notice and reverse the stress buildup before it either erupts or shuts you down? Trust me, with practice it’s possible!

It’s easy to overlook the way stress quietly builds throughout the day. Stress stays held in your nervous system, where unless it’s intentionally downregulated or re-balanced, it continues to build up to either an emotional reaction, check out or shut down; the flight, flight or freeze response.

The 3 practices I share here are perfect for both preventing and recovering from that triggered reaction.

Engaging as they are, there I nothing woo about these practices. In fact, a new Stanford study shows certain breathing practices are more helpful than meditation for enabling you to shift focus (out of a negative thought loop) and reduce anxiety.  

This short video demonstrates 3 simple practices you can do in 5 minutes or less to recover from a stress trigger. It’s a great entry point to learning to use your mind-body bridge via the vagus nerve to manage your mood, focus and energy levels. I invite you to give it a try this week and let me know what you think!

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