6 Week Mind-Body Bootcamp


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
~ Aristotle

Introducing a 6-week program combining science and fitness to help participants build a keystone habit of excellence, the ability to stay committed to their goals.

As we near the New Year, a *2022 study shows exercising more often topped the list of habits people committed to change. An earlier study found only 19% of people surveyed kept their resolutions after 2 years.

Co-developed by professional trainers with diverse backgrounds (one former military special agent and one breathwork teacher), the Mind-Body Bootcamp weaves the science of learning and retention into an engaging package.

This program goes beyond experiential learning, inspiration and motivation using methods proven to sustain lasting growth and change.

“Mindfulness training gave our soldiers push-ups for the mind”.

~ Lieutenant General Walter (Walt) Piatt


Using empirically supported practices and exercises, the Mind-Body Bootcamp is based upon the understanding that optimal outcomes occur most often when participants continue to engage on a daily basis as a part of their training regimen.

This program keeps habit-building doable through weekly challenges and engaging daily micro-actions.

New research expands our understanding of the brain as part of the larger nervous system. We know the mind and body are in constant communication about the state of your safety, scanning for threats, and sending signals you don’t consciously see. Which gone undetected, can easily derail you.

This program helps participants to recognize and understand feeling states and teaches them proven methods of shifting physical states to affect positive emotional change.

The Mind-Body Bootcamp uses an experiential framework, a proven formula to bridge the gap between insight and action through an engaging and effective 6-week program.



What to Expect

The 6-week Mind-Body Bootcamp program is delivered in weekly one hour sessions, 20 minutes each of Movement, Mastery and Mindset with daily micro-challenges and ongoing support to keep participants engaged through the time in-between.

The Mind-Body Bootcamp has multiple deliverables:

Mindset training
  • Develop focus and willpower through daily micromoves
  • Breathwork for resilience and system control
  • Build your power presence
  • Recover from stress triggers
Light, fun total body fitness (Strength, mobility)
  • HIT
  • Functional fitness
  • Breath to movement
  • Working the Gut-Brain Connection
Habit building and maintenance
  • Start small with engaging weekly challenges
  • Daily text reminders
  • Assessments and exercises to track progress
Engage with community - Network to other people looking to level up
  • Build authentic connections
  • Peer SM groups
Diverse facilitators
  • Elizabeth Borelli – best-selling author, breathwork expert, certificated executive coach and RYT200 yoga instructor.
  • Phil Kornachuk– Army special operations officer, personal trainer, coach, experiential learning.


Building top performing leaders and teams has been a critical part of Phil Kornachuk’s life for the last three decades.

He leverages over 22 years of experience serving, leading and developing elite teams within the US Army Special Operations Community. Phil brings his unique, proven brand of forging high performing leaders, teams and culture to organizations that partner with StoneWater Training.


“Self-mastery is cyclical and ongoing. We can always learn and lead ourselves better. Using our breathing and focus allows us to channel energy into productive, purpose-filled action.”
~ Phil Kornachuk, Founder, Stonewater Training


The art and science of habit change have been a passion for Elizabeth since she founded her sustainable retail store, Nubius Organics in 2005.

Now a best-selling author, executive coach and nationally recognized speaker Elizabeth incorporates findings from neuroscience, sports psychology and emotional intelligence into fun and engaging personal development programs proven to drive and sustain lasting change.

“This one simple shift changed everything – I began to experience the benefits studies are now corroborating –as little as 12-minutes of daily attention management practice is like circuit training for the brain.”
~ Elizabeth Borelli, Author, Breathe Into Breakthrough

Is this program a good fit for your personal development center or organization?

Contact Elizabeth elizabeth@elizabethborelli.com or Phil phil.kornachuk@stonewatertraining.com to schedule an in-person meet & greet today!


FAQ: General information about mindset training:

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is being tuned into the present moment, situation, or circumstance, while suspending the natural urge to sidetrack into judgment, preconception, or story.

Mindfulness practice is the act of noticing our thoughts, and instead of letting them distract us, guiding our attention back, each time it wanders into the past or future.

What is mindset? A group of biological processes that drive perception, ultimately determining our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors, most of which happen below the radar of our awareness.


Scientifically proven to strengthen and improve coordination between brain networks that carry out a variety of attentional functions: the ability to direct and maintain focus, notice and monitor ongoing conscious experience, and manage goals and behavior.

  • Selecting a focal point
  • Maintaining attention
  • Until the mind wanders
  • Noticing and returning to focal point (that’s one rep)

With more repetition comes improved coordination between these brain networks—and greater core strength.

Studies show that as little as 12 minutes of practice over a period of 6-8 weeks is the building block to lasting change.

~ Lieutenant General Walter (Walt) Piatt


  • a way to shut down or suppress thoughts
  • a means of manipulating the thoughts that arise
  • a relaxation technique, you want to remain tranquil and alert during this process
  • mystical or religious