Take the 7-Day 90-Second Mindset Reset Challenge!


Throughout every moment of every day, your attention is being pulled in different directions, one after another. It’s hard to stay focused on the things that really matter, like your goals and values.

The problem is once you’re pulled down an attention rabbit hole, it’s hard to regain focus.

So how can we notice, acknowledge and redirect the wandering mind before we get hooked into a distraction, rumination or anxiety thought loop?

By understanding the mind-body ecosystem. Your mind is meant to wander. This default safety tendency is hard to resist, but with daily training, you can build your ability to shift your attention.

The 90-second reset is a way to notice when you're in mind-wandering mode, then use the mind-body channel to bring your attention back to the present. Training your attention is like doing a bicep curl for the brain.

Practiced daily, mindfulness exercises are proven to enhance your ability to manage your mindset, shift out of your stress-driven stories and respond in ways that align with your long-term goals.


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