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I began my career as a wellness coach, my company Well Beyond, was designed to help busy professionals develop everyday habits for improving health and wellness.

I learned quickly that knowing what to do has no effect on what you'll do in the moment. So I got very curious about habit change. Thanks to the work of researchers like Carol Dweck, James Clear, Angela Duckworth, BJ Fogg, Dan Pink, Ariana Huffington and Brendon Burchard I began collecting best practices.

After 5 years of working with Fortune 100 professionals and executives, I noticed their stories of self-doubt were oddly similar,  no matter how vastly different their resumes. Expressions like “I know my degree isn’t prestigious enough”, “I won’t be able to compete” and “I’m too old” came up regularly even when the “not good enough” degree was a ph. D or the “I’m too old” person at least 15 years younger than me.

I realized that no matter how stellar your life looks on paper (or online), we all experience similar feelings of self-doubt when faced with change and uncertainty.

Uncertainty triggers the stress that can keep us stuck in survival mode. Survival mode holds us back, keeps us stressed, distracted and short-term focused. It stifles creativity and signals to your body to either speed up or slow down to stay ready to react at a moment's notice.

As I worked with clients within organizations on leadership development, it was clear the chronic stress brought on by uncertainty is the same stress so many of us experience every day at work, especially during a time of so much disruption. Stress in small doses is motivating, but when you don’t know how to turn it off, it can keep you stuck.

As I adapted my coaching practices and programs to the proven strategies for helping clients manage their thoughts and feelings, it underscored how critical a stress reduction practice is for lasting change. The ways that we create limitations without realizing it is shaped by deeply entrenched beliefs that are hard to change.

But research shows that we have the power to change the cognitive factors that hold us back, to build the self-belief we need to take action.

Learn to use a daily stress management practice to build mental fitness, or the ability to recognize the bias in your thinking and control where you place your focus.

Learn to use easy and approachable mind-body practices to build resilience, intercept a stress response, boost energy, focus and positivity.

6-week professional leadership and career development coaching process

·       Assess how your current role taps into your goals, strengths, and values

·       get clear on your strengths and vision

·       Create a transition strategy and roadmap and timeline

·       Start to show up more powerfully

·       build a network to success

·       Become an embodied leader

Individual coaching supported by optional ongoing daily, app-based support. To learn more, join a free Breathe into Breakthrough workshop or schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call today!

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Elizabeth Borelli

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