About Elizabeth

As a certified life coach, I help growth-oriented people to manage negative thinking patterns, shift out of old habits and finally move the needle from stuck to unstoppable by injecting simple daily microgoals into your busy life. Using proven best practices from the fields of psychology, neurobiology and professional development, my programs provide the gateway to mindset and habit change.

I've spent the last decade studying habit change, starting with health and wellness (I originally published Happy Planet Diet in 2013), before recognizing that we have a whole world of silent influencers inside of us and until we learn to tune into the subconscious dialogue of the mind-body system, our thinking brain can't keep us on track.

The programs I’ve developed and refined have led to an exciting and life-changing process I now share with individuals, teams and organizations.


Elizabeth at the Take the Lead Conference 2022.

Find your way back to balance through breathwork.

Elizabeth Borelli

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