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Here's a bit about how it took me until my mid-fifties to find my true purpose.  Ten years ago, after a stint in corporate America followed by a small business launch and sale, I became passionate about helping busy professionals to develop everyday habits for improving health and wellness.

I learned firsthand that information, or even inspiration doesn't always lead to action.  And even when it does, habit change is hard to sustain when the going gets tough. So most people end up right back at square one, assuming change just isn't an option for them.

Fast forward 5 years, I shifted to a career focus, coaching Fortune 100 professionals and executives for an international outplacement firm. My clients were intimidatingly impressive. But it didn't take long to notice that even the most accomplished, high-performing people share the same stories of self-doubt as the rest of us. I realized that no matter how stellar your life looks on paper (or online), we all experience similar feelings of not-enoughness when faced with change and uncertainty.

And these feelings are entirely normal; they're our go-to survival patterns.  The people that didn't pay attention to the rustle in the bushes aren't here to talk about it. Change and uncertainty trigger the low-level stress that can keep us stuck in survival mode, which is critical if we're in immediate danger.

Yet the chronic survival mode we're prone to holds us back by keeping us anxious, distracted and short-term focused. It stifles creativity and signals to your body to either speed up or slow down to stay ready to react at a moment's notice. Sounds like a vicious cycle right?

I'd spent years in my coaching practice searching for practical strategies for breaking through this vicious cycle, yet it's hard to stop ruminating or worrying when you're stuck in that loop.

As I adapted my coaching practices and programs to include best practices in habit change,  positive psychology, and neuroscience, it underscored all the ways that we create limitations without realizing it.

Our perceptions, our viewpoints are shaped by deeply entrenched beliefs that are hard to change because they're so hard to see.

Fast forward to my introduction to the power of breathwork through a 200 hour yoga and breathwork teacher training during the most stressful time of my life.

It wasn't until I learned that the breath can serve as a bridge between the body and mind, through the function of the autonomic nervous system that I understood the power we all have to change our mindset, our energy levels and our lives.

It's amazing that such simple approachable practices can have such a profound effect.

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