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Beanalicious LivingMy new book Beanalicious Living was written for everyone who wants healthier, less expensive and more delicious food, but “doesn’t have time to cook”. This book contains all of the information, tools and tips you need for making cooking with superfoods an effort-free part of your life! Complete with 80+ plant-protein based, simple and delicious money-saving recipes your whole family will love!

Beanalicious Living is fun to read. But don’t be deceived; this book could change your life. In her down-home family-friendly style, Elizabeth Borelli reveals how beans can be a delicious and affordable foundation to a vibrant and healthy life. Complete with mouthwatering and nutritious recipes, insightful commentary, and useful tips, this book will help you and your family to thrive.”
Ocean Robbins, CEO of The Food Revolution Network and Co-author of Voices of the Food Revolution

“The health benefits of beans (and other legumes) are extraordinary. They stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce food cravings, lower cholesterol levels, help to prevent colon cancer and diabetes, and fuel vibrant lives. And now, finally, here’s the book that shows you how to totally enjoy them! I’m grateful to Elizabeth Borelli, and you will be, too!”
John Robbins, Author of The Food Revolution, Diet For A New America, and many other best-sellers

Beanalicious Living dismantles the archetype of the Standard American Diet. Informative and straight-forward Elizabeth Borelli turns the spot light on beans and guides us into the their nutritious world. Elizabeth shares her own personal journey along the way, and no doubt, she will animate the actions of consumers and inspire mom’s and dad’s culinary creativity in the kitchen. After reading her book, it’s hard not to rethink the bean, get jazzed about sprouting and incorporate some of her tantalizing recipes in my meal planning.”
Rita Rivera, Author of Milks Alive and Plant Based Milks

“Beans. What could be more boring than beans? Perhaps a book about beans? Well, in fact, Elizabeth Borelli has put together a fascinating page-turner of a book about how a diet emphasizing beans is not only not boring, but delicious, beneficial for you and extremely helpful for this planet we all share. Her very personal-based narrative will keep you engaged, and she fills out the book with easy-to-make recipes that even non-cooks like me can reproduce.”
– Scott Roseman, Founder and President of New Leaf Community Markets

“In Beanalicious Living, Elizabeth Borelli breaks down whole foods nutrition into easy-to-follow steps that make it simple to start moving towards a healthier lifestyle today!”
Jenny Brewer, Nutritionist and Chef

“What a wonderful book for someone like me who can’t cook but still wants to be healthy and enjoy the food!”
Cecile Andrews, Author of Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community, and the Common Good