Breathe Into Breakthrough

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Drowning in negative thoughts and emotions? Learn to retrain your brain and shift your inner voice from one of stress to success.

The breath is the bridge between mind and body. We’re living in what’s become a neck-up society, caught up in the whirlwind fueled by social media, we’re more overwhelmed than ever.

It’s hard not to be! Our brains, with their top mission of keeping us safe and connected to our tribe, aren’t built to adapt to the constant barrage of stimulus and uncertainty.

No wonder we’re anxious! And that’s the thing about this bridge, aka the breath. It’s our most powerful tool and we’ve forgotten how to use it. This book invites you to explore the ways you can use breathwork to get grounded, energized and focused enough to define your bigger purpose, stand in your value and finally take action.

By slowing down the negative thought patterns that keep you distracted, you’ll learn to shift your mindset to focus on the priorities you value most.

Join Elizabeth on this journey to changing your life, one deep breath at a time.

Breathe Into Breakthrough book

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