From Stuck to Unstoppable

A Mind-Body Formula for Midlife Habit Change

Scheduled to publish in May 2021!

For women, midlife marks a period of change. Change triggers fear. Fear creates anxiety. Anxiety keeps us stuck. No wonder we call it a crisis!

For most women, the middle years are a time of changing identity.  Kids grow up, parents age, menopause looms.  Change gives rise to uncertainty, and it’s from this place of fear and overwhelm that so many women get stuck in a serious life rut. Digging out from that place is no easy task, especially without a toolkit.

The stress associated with change creates a vicious cycle in which it’s easy to get stuck in. While most therapeutic interventions focus on positive self-talk, neuroscience shows us you can’t use your mind to change your mind.

In From Stuck to Unstoppable, Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, YTT teaches you to tap into your own nervous system by starting with a stress management system we can voluntarily control: the breath. You can’t voluntarily lower your blood pressure or speed up your metabolism, those are functions controlled beyond your reach.

What you can control is the functions of the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), like your breath. You can use your breath to focus, to energize or to calm your body, both in the moment and long term. A wide range of studies illustrate how slower respiration rates and longer exhalations stimulate the rest and digest response, which downregulates stress levels.

Learn to regulate your anxiety using breath-based practices as regain your grounding. You’ll learn neuroscience-based interventions for overcoming long-held limiting beliefs and emotional obstacles. From this safe place you’re free to update your perspective, your story, and your daily habits to create space for lasting change.

The breath is just the beginning! The same strategies for reducing stress result in a natural increase in calm, focused energy. Understanding the mind-body connection extends to diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes as well. In From Stuck to Unstoppable Elizabeth draws on her training and wellness coaching background to share  best-practices for energizing your body and optimizing your lifestyle.

The goal is to optimize your energy, which gives rise to increased motivation by creating a positive feedback loop. All of this is within your reach!

Elizabeth’s model walks you through the stages of stuckness, helps to downregulate your stress response so you can be in the moment. Making the choice that you’ve committed to, as you find clarity, focus, energy, and motivation to make the next chapter of your life the best one yet.

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