Breathe Into Breakthrough


Whether or now you’re aware of it, you probably have a love-hate relationship with stress and anxiety.

You may not enjoy these feelings, but most people grow to believe their anxiety or negative thought habits are the only things keeping them on track and off the couch.

The problem is, stress and anxiety take a toll on all aspects of life, including the very motivation we believe we’re driving.

Even before the Covid pandemic turned lives upside down, a 2017 survey by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 72 percent of those surveyed reported daily stress that interferes with their everyday life. And 56 percent of surveyed employees say that anxiety affects their job performance.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to find effective ways to manage stress in order to be fully healthy.  The great news is, you don’t need to overhaul your whole life to do it.

In Breathe into Breakthrough, Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, YTT shows you how to break deeply ingrained negative thinking patterns using a stress management system you can voluntarily control: the breath.

As it turns out, deep breathing is not only relaxing, it's been scientifically proven to affect the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system -- and maybe even the expression of genes.

You can use your breath to focus your mind, to energize, or to calm your body, both in the moment and long term.

This book is based on the highly successful program of the same name. The interactive, self-assessment format teaches you how to manage and moderate your stress response both overall and in the moment, freeing you to see your full potential and know you have the power to reach it.

By slowing down the negative thought patterns that keep you distracted, you’ll learn to shift your mindset to focus on the priorities you value most.

Join Elizabeth on this journey to changing your life, one deep breath at a time.

Breathe Into Breakthrough book

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