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Take 10 minutes a day to retrain your brain and shift your inner voice from one of stress to success.


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Breathe into Breakthrough: An Easy and Proven Process for Shifting Mindset, Overcoming Obstacles, and Achieving Your Goals is a straightforward guide to growing cognitive muscle and increasing mental focus through breathwork. Using scientifically validated research, this interactive approach to managing and redirecting stress responses allows you to craft a plan that will open the doors to your full potential. By evolving your perception to sense the things that truly matter, you’ll rewire your own body to be an engine for consistent advancement.

Constantly lectured by an unrelenting inner critic? Struggling to maintain change in the face of life’s everyday worries? Lack the confidence to step out of your comfort zone? ICF Certified Executive Coach and YTT Certified Breathwork Teacher Elizabeth Borelli has spent years working with individuals and Fortune 100 companies to understand the deep link between mind, body, and habits. Now she is sharing her time-tested strategies for breaking free from self-sabotaging patterns and channeling that energy into fulfilling victories.

“Breathe Into Breakthrough offers something very real and very powerful: the ability to overcome the anxiety we all feel whenever we leave our comfort zone to further our personal growth or professional development. Elizabeth has combined her mastery of proven mind-body practices, her deep understanding of the psychology of change, and a wealth of personal experience into a simple process for up-leveling your mindset and your performance, in business and life."

Dan Brulé, renowned pioneer in the field of breathwork, author of Just Breathe, founder of

“Your breath is your greatest ally in the quest to reduce stress, increase health, and become the best possible version of yourself. I love how practical and balanced this book is: diverse, transformative breathing exercises you can use as you read, inspiring stories to keep you motivated, and extensive research sorting out what’s really going on in the breath (so your mind can relax). It’s the kind of quick transformative read that everyone is looking for today. ‘Breathwork’ could sound like a fad to some; author Elizabeth Borelli shows us just how profound a practice proper breathing can be.”

Bruce Cryer, former CEO, HeartMath, adjunct faculty, Stanford University, Executive Director, The Graduate Institute for Integrative Health and Human Studies

In Breathe into Breakthrough, you’ll discover:

  • Techniques for creating the clarity of mind that leads to remarkable leaps forward
  • Daily breathwork exercises to calm thoughts and build self-awareness
  • Approachable concepts that will become building blocks for happiness
  • Relatable real-life examples filled with positive insights to keep you encouraged
  • Tools for silencing your harsh inner judge, managing your stress response, and much, much more!

Breathe into Breakthrough is a detailed handbook for personal and professional development. If you like moving from inspiration to action, research-based game plans, and life-changing results, then you’ll love Elizabeth Borelli’s process for clarity, confidence, and motivation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is breathwork the same as meditation?

No, breathwork and meditation are both mindfulness practices, but beginners, or people who struggle with meditation, often find breathwork an approachable way to get started.

Is there a religious affiliation to the information presented in the book?

No, the practices presented here are based on principles of positive psychology, neuroscience and physiology. This book intentionally avoids endorsing practices that aren’t research-backed.

Do I need to do the breathing practices to get value from the book?

No, the explanations of how the brain and the autonomic nervous system work, and what you can do to shift your mindset out of a stress response, will help you to recognize and intercept limiting beliefs and emotional reactivity.

What’s new here? 

This book draws upon the author’s years of experience coaching clients through personal and professional growth. It draws upon best practices in everyday health and wellness, career transition, professional growth, leadership development, stress management and behavior change.  All of these disciplines feed into a proven process for identifying the hidden self sabotage tendencies we all have, overcoming the limiting beliefs holding us back and moving from insight into action.

Do you offer more in depth support?

Yes. Nothing was held back while writing this book but for the people that want further assistance, there are plenty of opportunities to “upgrade” your order after purchasing. I also have group and individual coaching packages.

Is it suitable for all age groups?

Yes, I’ve taught breathwork to groups from adolescents to pulmonary patients, but if you’re under a doctor’s care, please check in first.

What if you can’t breathe through your nose?

The basic methods described in the book provide alternative options for people with breathing challenges, like blocked nasal passages.

Is it a substitute for medical care?

No, if you have a condition that needs treatment, please visit a doctor.

Get your copy of Breathe Into Breakthrough to finally break free from the mindset that’s been keeping you stuck today!

Available as a digital download for the low price of $4.95 for a limited time.