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Got 10 minutes? Change your life!

3 session on-demand video tutorial!

10 minutes a day to build the foundation for lasting habit change

Proven techniques for breath-based stress management exercises you can use anytime, anywhere.

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Fun and engaging 3-session video tutorial!

Take 10 minutes a day to build the foundation for lasting habit change


Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, YTT helps you to learn to use your greatest tool for growth and change. You'll learn how to break deeply ingrained negative thinking patterns using a stress management system you can voluntarily control: the breath.

The way you breathe affects the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system, even the expression of genes. Research shows there are distinct breathing patterns that regulate specific functions of the nervous system; from fight, flight freeze to rest and digest.

Day 1: Breathing best practices
Day 2: Building a daily habit
Day 3: Intercepting stress and boosting energy

Learn to use your breath to focus your mind, to regulate energy, and to intercept your go-to stress response, both in the moment and long term.

Elizabeth will guide you through a series of simple breath-based strategies proven to result in:

  • less stress
  • more energy
  • increased focus
  • greater self-awareness

It's my gift to you, and open to anyone willing to dedicate 10 minutes a day for 3 days to see where it takes you!

Daily reminder emails, videos, and resources to keep you on track with your goals.

Breathe into Breakthrough FAQ

What will this do for me?
  1. Familiarize you with different breathing techniques you can use to build your own daily practice.
  2. Challenge you to stick with it for 10 days to see where that takes you. Studies show it’s more important to start small and stay consistent than to overextend and burn out! PS: This is a proven way to start a life-changing daily practice, it works!
  3. Introduce breathing techniques you can use to change your habitual reaction patterns.
Do you really need a workshop for this?  Can't you look online and find this information on your own? 

As I say to clients struggling with habit change, knowing what you should do is the easy part!  Putting a stake in the ground, then holding yourself accountable, much harder.  This easy entry point to anxiety and stress reduction is the first step in generating lasting change.  

Who should join?

Everyone interested in learning whether a daily breath-based stress reduction practice will help you to reduce anxiety, increase focus and improve emotional self-awareness.  No yoga pants required! 

What do I need to prepare?

A quiet space and a cushion or comfortable seat where you can keep your spine straight and your body relaxed.

Do I need any previous experience?

No, written and video instructions will be available before the workshop.

Do I need to have my camera on?


Is this a religious or spiritual workshop?

No. While some of these practices have roots in yoga and contemplative practices like meditation, there is no religious or spiritual component to this workshop.

What if I have questions?

Elizabeth will be available 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after each session for Q&A.

Other questions?