Breathe into Breakthrough;
a weekend of breathwork, movement and journaling

September 9-11, 2022
Mount Madonna Retreat Center

Are you ready to learn the foundations for lasting transformation?

The past two years have changed our lives, leaving many of us feeling disconnected and ungrounded.  I owe much of my resilience to the work I’ve done at Mount Madonna, which inspired the writing of my new book Breathe Into Breakthrough, An Easy and Proven Process for Shifting Mindset, Overcoming Obstacles, and Achieving Your Goals.

As an ICF-certified life coach and YTT200 trained yoga and breathwork teacher, my programs offer focus on shifting perspective from the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in a narrative that no longer serves us.

How can we stop feeling stuck, held back by our thoughts, relationships, our job, our circumstances, our life? As you’ll learn in this workshop, you can’t think your way out of this box. We’ll meet in community to learn approachable breathing techniques, mindful movement and guided journaling exercise along a mind-body path to growth.

Come solo or bring a friend. The accommodation options are available either way. Scroll down to see covid policies.


Join me in the natural beauty of the Mount Madonna retreat center for a weekend of self-care, self-exploration, self-compassion, and letting go.

All participants will receive:

  • A printed copy of my newly published book, Breathe into Breakthrough
  • Accompanying workbook
  • My 10-day, 10-minute a day Breathe Into Breakthrough video workshop to preview the breathing exercises we’ll explore in the class
Breathe Into Breakthrough 10-Day Challenge Workbook

About Mount Madonna

The 355 acres of redwood groves, hiking trails, and meadows are infused with a sense of peace, spaciousness, and heartfelt service. This setting also includes a Vedic temple offering ceremonies of light each morning and evening.

The retreat is all-inclusive and includes all vegetarian meals, snacks and lodging (although commuting is also an option but since the center is so remote, not recommended). Mount Madonna Wellness Center also offers massage, private yoga sessions, and Ayurveda consultations. There is a small cafe and bookstore, as well as an ayurvedic apothecary onsite.


Accommodations range from camping to dormitory-style shared bath to single with bath and everything in between.

Early Bird Pricing (costs all-inclusive)!

Register Now for Early Bird Pricing!

  • Own van camping $370  ($320 early bird price)
  • Triple accommodation $420  ($370 early bird price)
  • Double accommodation $470  ($420 early bird price )
  • Double with private bath $495  ($445 early bird price)
  • Single accommodation $515  ($465 early bird price)
  • Single with private bath $540 ($490 early bird price)

Check out and download the schedule here.

Email me with any questions about the retreat!



What can I expect?

Elizabeth will guide up to 20 participants to create a safe space for self-knowing, positive acceptance and supportive community during this nourishing 3-day event.

There are 6, 1.5-2 hr. workshops in a cozy room with all accessories provided.

Workshops will focus on breathwork, writing exercises from Breathe into Breakthrough workbook and gentle movement, from beginner to intermediate levels.

Is this for beginners?

No previous experience with breathwork is required, although it is suggested you familiarize yourself with the breathing exercises using the videos or workbook ahead of time if you can.

What else is there to do at the center?

There is plenty of time for hikes, massage, or exploring the shops and grounds in-between. Meals are eaten together if you choose, or take time to self-reflect if you choose.

What should I bring?

Comfortable clothing! Layers. Cozy slipper socks, flip flops for shared bathrooms AND your own towels (it’s how the retreat can stay so economical). The good news is, organic soap, shampoo and conditioner are provided (and so are backup towels if you forget).

I’m not a vegetarian, won’t I be hungry?

There are 2 plentiful buffet-style meals with lots of options and the food is delicious. Tea and healthy snacks are always available in between meals. I’ve done 8 retreat weekends, only once was someone craving pork ribs so intensely she had to drive down the hill to a market she’d passed on the way in to buy some. There are always backup options, but rarely needed.

Do they have coffee?

Yes, but it’s (organic) instant. You’re welcome to bring your own and brew it in the kitchen of our retreat space.

How should I prepare?

It’s great if you can familiarize yourself with the breathing exercises using the Breathe into Breakthrough videos or workbook, links to which you’ll find in your inbox after you register. You can implement the practices beforehand as a way to deepen your experience. But you’ll have plenty of time at the retreat as well if you don’t have time beforehand, and you can use it as a starting point for your regular practice.

Begin thinking about a personal source of strength, we’ll be working with this concept in the workshop, but you may want to get a head start using an assessment like Via Character Strengths Finder, or one of the many other assessments out there. We’ll each move more deeply into our source of strength, so it’s very individual and there are no right or wrong answers here.

Do they have cell-service and Wifi?

Yes! Cell service is a bit spotty, but the seminar building has tables and chairs with great access. I’ve done some of my best writing there!

How do I get there?
What if I have more questions?

Send an email to

Retreat Policies

Please note: this is not a yoga workshop. We will do some stretching and movement throughout, but no dedicated Asana practice sessions. However, you will have lots of opportunities for exercise throughout the weekend if you choose it!

Cancellation Policy:

Cancel prior to September 1, 2022, and receive a refund minus $25 administration fee. If you have an urgent need to cancel after that, receive a credit toward a future session or private coaching.

Mask and Vaccination Policy:
All participants are required to show proof of vaccination. Masks will not be required indoors, but Covid-safe practices are otherwise followed. Individual needs and comfort levels will be surveyed pre-event and closely as possible adhered to.

Click to see current Mount Madonna Covid Policy Details: