Building Resilience

Shifting from react-ability to response-ability in a fast-paced world

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Resilience is well-known as the ability to bounce back after a negative event. But beyond advice to “suck it up”, think positively, or ignore difficult emotions, real resilience requires learning the skills of flexibility, adaptability, and tenacity which are the focus of this workshop.

Emotions are often seemingly illogical reactions that are wired into our brains through highly intense past experience, triggered by reminders we’re not consciously aware of.

Researchers name increased self-awareness as the most critical skill for building resilience.

In this workshop, we'll talk about skills to build self-regulation, how to regulate or change thoughts, emotions, and physiology to return to baseline after a negative event.

In this workshop, participants will:

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  • Mental agility skills, recognizing an overly rigid perception or perspective, and how to move into more flexibility.

  • Self-awareness practices, to be able to track what's going on emotionally before the feelings escalate.

  • Simple steps for cultivating optimism and other positive emotions.

  • How to leverage character strengths.

  • Strategies for strengthening their relationships with others.

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