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Your Custom Mind-Body Program for Midlife Habit Change

I’m excited about sharing a proven formula for women feeling trapped in what I call the Bermuda Triangle of Stuckness. This common pattern is based on our natural fight, flight freeze response.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably attempted to change a habit or pattern; then you have a setback and you end up feeling even worse than when you started. That’s when the chatter sets in; “another failed attempt” and from there it’s a short hop to “I know I won’t be able to do it, so why even try?”

I see this all the time! Clients contact me after they’ve tried and failed to make that life change they know would make them happy. And by that point, their self-doubt meter is straight off the charts.

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After years of coaching women through change, I can promise you, it’s not you!

Instead, it’s a triangle paradigm incorporating mind, body and lifestyle. Instead of attempting to rethink deeply ingrained thought patterns (never works!), you’ll work with basic breath and movement practices to manage your emotions.

Learning to downregulate anxiety helps you to hold strong when those go-to stress patterns reappear. It will allow you to think big, feel strong and keep moving toward your goal. Successful transition means rewiring your thinking, letting go of outdated beliefs and finally seeing your true potential.

And that’s just the beginning! The same strategies for reducing stress result in a natural increase in calm, focused energy. Understanding the mind-body connection extends to diet, exercise, and lifestyle as you reconnect with your purpose and increase your motivation in a positive feedback loop.

All of this is within your reach. The triangle model uses proven strategies to work through the stages of stuckness as you find clarity, focus, energy, and motivation to make the next chapter of your life the best one yet.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women to break free from the triangle of stuck-ness to reach their goals, and I can’t wait to support you through your breakthrough program!


Fight; Anger directed outward or as self blame. Senses become singularly focused. Use body-mind breathing techniques to downregulate the body's stress response and broaden your awareness of more adaptive options.

Freeze; You're frozen in a repeating thought pattern or mind loop. Learn to rewrite your story with a new ending using mind-body strategies designed to increase neuroplasticity as you build new thought patterns.

Flight; Checked out, feeling scattered with an inability to prioritize. Overwhelmed and super busy to avoid dealing with the real issues. Learn cognitive distancing strategies to stop the chatter as you gain clarity and focus.

Using my proven 3-part model you’ll learn to let go of limiting beliefs and reconnect with your values to create a life you love being in. I can help you to:

  • Use my neuroscience-based Bermuda Triangle of Stuckness process to change your brain and transform your life
  • Release negative thought patterns and tame your inner critic
  • Incorporate proven anti-aging practices for increasing energy, healthy weight management and overall well-being
  • Use tangible, actionable strategies for staying focused and motivated throughout your transformation process
  • Rediscover your identity as you redefine yourself from a place of authenticity
  • Leverage your experience and creativity into a new opportunity, business or career
  • Let go of guilt and create healthy boundaries (so you show up more fully for everyone, including yourself)
  • Love and accept yourself even when the situation is less than perfect
  • Use tangible, actionable strategies for staying focused and motivated throughout your transformation process
  • Make that seemingly impossible change and end up so much happier for it

When you learn to prioritize yourself you show up more fully in everything you do.
You’ll find the energy you need for your reinvention!

There is never a perfect time to initiate a life change, so the best time is now. Welcome to a new beginning!

The From Stuck to Unstoppable Program integrates a 3-part focus for making changes that last.



  • Navigate through the “Bermuda Triangle of Stuckness to rewire negative thought patterns
  • Identify the roadblocks that are holding you back
  • See yourself through a new lens of forgiveness and compassion
  • Play to your strengths, clarify your goals and rewrite your story
  • Rediscover identity and reconnect with your values


  • Learn the most effective breathing and mindfulness practices for stress reduction
  • Reconnect with your body with love and acceptance
  • Discover proven best practices for staying fit and healthy, no gym membership required
  • Upgrade your diet using proven weight management hacks that don’t leave you feeling deprived
  • Emerge from mid-life invisibility with confidence and positivity



  • Develop a game-plan for navigating positive change
  • Incorporate everyday habits for focus and positivity
  • Learn to manage distractions and uphold boundaries
  • Build an environment for success using proven best practices
  • Create a life style that energizes, not drains you.



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Each individual 12-week coaching program includes:

  •  ½ hour discovery session
  • 12; 45-minute individual coaching sessions worked around your schedule, phone or Zoom
  • Program workbook, videos and resources for supporting your progress between sessions.

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Elizabeth Borelli

In a complimentary 20 minute session, we will talk about where you are vs. where you want to be and examine possible strategies to bridge that gap.

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