Ways to Work Together

The mind and body are in constant communication. Our habits, cravings, and reactionary modes are all driven by this conversation, which happens mostly outside of our realm of attention. By learning to recognize, understand and tune into your inner drivers (and roadblocks!), it's hard to put inspiration into action. This work is about bridging the gap between what you want and what you do using proven everyday strategies. The results, while not instant, are nothing less than life-changing! See below to begin building your foundation for transformation today!



Introducing a 6-week program combining science and fitness to help participants build a keystone habit of excellence, the ability to stay committed to their goals.

6 weeks of awareness, attention, and mindset management training.

Ultra Motivation 10x10 Daily Breathwork Challenge

10 minutes a day of guided breathwork, with daily reminders and ongoing support, with a $100 rebate for completing all 10 days!


Breathe written in the sand

I know, it sounds too simple. How could just 3, 3-minute power pauses each day change your overall perspective, energy level, and motivation? I challenge you to give it a try!

FREE 7 Day Challenge

Join me for a 7-day Mindset Reset Challenge!
With daily reminders, resources, and a thank-you gift for participating.

Breathe Into Breakthrough
10-minute, 10-Day Video Series

Available Now on Demand!  10 minutes a day to build the foundation for lasting change!

10 minute breathwork videos delivered daily, includes PDF workbook with detailed descriptions and room for note-taking.