Coaching & Workshops

Supporting individuals and teams in learning to shift mindsets, improve communication and navigate the stress of change and uncertainty using proven emotional intelligence and social engagement best practices, including those derived from the neuroscience of embodied cognition.

That’s a long way of saying, until you get to know the ways you’re default mode of safety will stand between you and your growth, you can’t experience deep and lasting change.

Individual Workshops

Breathe Into Breakthrough
Free 3 Day Workshop

Available Now on Demand!
10 minutes a day to build the foundation for lasting habit change

Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, YTT helps you to learn to use your greatest tool for growth and change. You'll learn how to break deeply ingrained negative thinking patterns using a stress management system you can voluntarily control: the breath.

The way you breathe affects the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system, even the expression of genes. Research shows there are distinct breathing patterns that regulate specific functions of the nervous system; from fight, flight freeze to rest and digest.

Day 1: Breathing best practices
Day 2: Building a daily habit
Day 3: Intercepting stress and boosting energy

Learn to use your breath to focus your mind, regulate energy, and intercept your go-to stress response, both in the moment and long term.

Breathe into Breakthrough Retreat;
a weekend of breathwork, movement and journaling
Mount Madonna Center

September 9-11, 2022

Using the Breathe Into Breakthrough Workbook as our guide, we’ll meet in community to learn approachable breathing techniques, mindful movement and guided journaling exercises along a mind-body path to growth.

This is an all-inclusive retreat with accommodations and all meals provided.  We'll be surrounded by miles of redwood forest (30 minutes South of San Jose, CA) to hike and massage services onsite.

Breathe Into Breakthrough
10-minute, 10-Day Video Series

Available Now on Demand!  10 minutes a day to build the foundation for lasting change!

10 minute breathwork videos delivered daily, includes PDF workbook with detailed descriptions and room for note-taking.

Each engaging session is led by Elizabeth demonstrating simple breathing techniques, as you discover the methods that work best for you. Learn how and when to use them to increase focus, reduce stress and build the resilience you need to sustain change.

You'll learn:

The 'why' behind the 'how'.

10 everyday breathing best practices for shifting energy, increasing focus and enhancing your ability to manage stress.

How to create your own daily breathing routine that delivers the benefits of meditation in a way that works for you.

The accompanying workbook The Breathing Habit Workbook;
10 Days to Breakthrough Change, includes detailed descriptions of each of the exercises you'll learn to help you define the best practices for your daily routine!

Cost: $47