Individual Career Coaching Program plus Positive Intelligence ongoing app support

Are you ready to change careers, advance within your company or re-enter the workforce but struggling to find confidence and direction?  One thing I've learned after years of coaching mid-career professionals, is uncertainty and self-doubt make it hard to get started and even harder to stay the course. Without support, the job search can derail even the most qualified people.

Which is why I'm thrilled to announce my partnership with Positive Intelligence (PQ). The app-based Positive Intelligence program is designed to build your mental fitness muscles using a fun scoring system and ongoing daily incentives while we work together to create your powerful resume, brand and network to land the right role.

Manage the uncertainty and self-doubt that can derail your job search with a program designed to:

  • Build your mental fitness muscles to improve performance, positivity, and relationships using simple, 2-minute practices proven effective through Stanford-led research.
  • Identify and intercept your hidden patterns of self-sabotage
  • Overcome imposter syndrome.
  • Recognize and develop your strengths, help others see your value
  • Set goals using behavior change best practices for moving from inspiration into action.
  • Stay on track with daily exercises and reminders for managing your emotions with a fun and engaging app

Includes 5 Individual Career Coaching Sessions:

Identifying your target job title(s)

Create an ATS compliant resume(s) tailored to your role(s)

Build a LinkedIn brand and network to land the interview

Interview and salary negotiation coaching

Use all 45 minute sessions or break them up

Introducing the Positive Intelligence (PQ) app

Designed by a Stanford professor and rigorously tested with executives from every Fortune 100 company, this program combines elements of neuroscience, positive psychology, and the science of behavior change to get you grounded and focused.

The program includes coaching support for mid-career change or promotion, including career assessment,  resume review, LinkedIn branding and networking, interview and negotiation coaching.

The PQ program is divided into 6 weekly themes which correspond to new skills you’ll develop along your path to high-performance mental fitness, while individual coaching support and resources will go hand in hand. Open enrollment so you can join anytime!


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