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3 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program

Daily 10-minute video sessions combined with live coaching

Starting June 30th, 7 am PDT
or available on demand

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This valuable opportunity to engage with an interactive, personalized program led by a highly experienced life coach using proven best practices at the one-time introductory rate of $199.


Breathe into Breakthrough 3 week breakthough coaching program 

Daily 10 minute video sessions combined with live coaching

This comprehensive program is for you if you’re ready to use proven strategies with roots in neuroscience, habit change, and wellness to break free of limiting beliefs, get clear on your goals, and move forward with more energy, positivity, and purpose.

This series includes a workbook plus three 30 minute one-to-one virtual coaching sessions designed to help you:

  1. Identify the place in your life where you’re settling for less. The part of your life that doesn’t align with your purpose, your potential or your values.
  2. Evaluate what’s working and what to adjust, understanding where your self-judgement is showing up and how to disarm it.
  3. Review your progress and refine your roadmap for moving forward from a place of self-belief, with tools for helping you to stay there.

10-minute video sessions

Live every 3 days

21 sessions total

The 3-week sessions will focus on:

  • Staying present vs. living in the past and future – changing the worry channel
  • Dealing with hidden demotivators
  • Managing energy and emotions
  • Focusing on the things that make a difference
  • Creating a new habit linked to better health, greater happiness, focus, and motivation

10 minutes, 10 themes, 10 practices:

  • Quieting the Mind
  • Connecting with your physical self
  • Building Emotional awareness
  • Using visualization
  • Recognizing Stress Patterns
  • Noticing self judgement
  • Practicing self compassion
  • Stretching out of your comfort zone
  • Tapping into your positive energy reserve
  • Focusing on your priorities

Breathe into Breakthrough

Curious about the benefits of a daily breathing practice? This 10 minute replay demonstrates the format of these daily sessions. And this daily practice is just the beginning. We’ll use this as the foundation for helping you to reduce stress, find focus, establish top priority goals, build boundaries, manage energy and emotions, deal with self-judgment and negativity. The breath is just the beginning. This program is life changing (guaranteed!).

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Breathe into Breakthrough FAQ

What will this do for me?
  1. Familiarize you with different breathing techniques you can use to build your own daily practice.
  2. Challenge you to stick with it for 3 weeks to see where that takes you. Studies show it’s more important to start small and stay consistent than to overextend and burn out! PS: This is a proven way to start a life-changing daily practice, it works!
  3. Introduce breathing techniques you can use to change your habitual reaction patterns.
Do you really need a workshop for this?  Can't you look online and find this information on your own? 

As I say to clients struggling with habit change, knowing what you should do is the easy part!  Putting a stake in the ground, then holding yourself accountable, much harder.  This easy entry point to anxiety and stress reduction is the first step in generating lasting change.  

When does the workshop start?

Starting June 20, 2021, Live at 7 am PDT or available on-demand all day for the entire program.  You will receive a link to the session after you register.

Who should join?

Everyone interested in learning whether a daily breath-based stress reduction practice will help you to reduce anxiety, increase focus and improve emotional self-awareness.  No yoga pants required! 

How casual is the format?

Very!  Join live when you can, on-demand when you can't.  If you're an early riser, you can start remotely a day late to adjust the workshop to your timing.

What do I need to prepare?

A quiet space and a cushion or comfortable seat where you can keep your spine straight and your body relaxed.

Do I need any previous experience?

No, written and video instructions will be available before the workshop.

Do I need to have my camera on?


Is this a religious or spiritual workshop?

No. While some of these practices have roots in yoga and contemplative practices like meditation, there is no religious or spiritual component to this workshop.

What if I have questions?

Elizabeth will be available 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after each session for Q&A.

Other questions?

Still on the fence?

Elizabeth Borelli

Schedule a free 15 minute call with Elizabeth to learn more about the program today!