Communication on Purpose

Overcoming the 5 Communications Blind Spots (CiQ work) a brain-based approach for building trust, increasing collaboration and getting results

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It’s been eight years since I delivered a presentation called communication on purpose to the San Jose workforce institute. But the concepts are more relevant than ever today as we return to the workforce, effective communication is more challenging than ever.

Emotions and reactions are often illogical because we're being triggered by the past without realizing it. Purposeful communication requires emotional intelligence, the awareness of our own emotional states, as well as of others.

In this workshop, participants will:

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  • Learn the role stress plays in communication, and how to manage it.

  • Discover how our perceptions create reality, which is why it’s different for everyone.

  • Practice the art of listening, the number one communications skill that’s often misunderstood and undervalued.

  • Learn how to find commonalities among different personalities, teams, and roles.

  • Discover new means of building connections without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

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