Corporate Training

As an executive coach, I understand why only 20% of teams achieve their true potential. After working with Shirzad Chamine, a Stanford Lecturer with a comprehensive 500k global research study, I can show you how to significantly increase the productivity, creativity and innovation of your teams, starting in just 6-weeks.

Designed to increase individual focus and engagement, the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program is a blended learning journey that offers your team the insight, motivation, accountability and structure in just 15 minutes a day during the 6 week workshop.

The program combines weekly videos from PQ creator Shirzad Chamine and weekly LIVE group coaching sessions with Elizabeth alongside daily app-guided practices to measurably boost energy and positivity among participants.


  • Small group to department-wide

  • Ongoing stress management, positive communications live and pre-recorded trainings

  • Easy to use app to guide your daily progress

  • Remote participation tracking

Postive Intelligence App Example



  • Effectively manage stress and anxiety, both overall and in the moment
  • understand your go-to defense habits and how to change them to align with your goals
  • Stay focused even while juggling multiple or competing priorities
  • Gain energy and greater feelings of optimism


  • Identify your 1 and 3-year goals, develop a roadmap to meet them
  • Clarify your messaging and communicate more powerfully
  • Work within your strengths
  • Stay present, step out of the worry cycle and move into action

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