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So excited to have my Goal Gauge worksheet featured on KATU with Lori Faren and Tra’Renee Chambers! Watch Now

This exercise is based on the course “Designing Your Life”. As referenced in the segment, the 4 parts that make the ideal whole include:

LOVE (relationship and/or spirituality).

The idea is to start where you’re at. Struggling with competing priorities is mentally draining, making it hard for you to reach any goals, never mind all of them.

You can use this gauge graph to illustrate how much time and energy you give to each of the 4 categories. The idea is to determine where you can make the greatest impact on overall life satisfaction, resulting in more energy. Now your motivated to move on to the next area of focus, creating a positive feedback loop.

To review the categories:

Work refers not only to employment, but to anything in your life that fits that definition. Cooking, cleaning, driving kids, making appointments, dealing with in-laws (not mine of course), you name it. If it’s done out of obligation, it’s work.

Health refers to exercise, sleep, nutrition, scheduled maintenance.

Play is what you do for fun; social outings, sports, TV, leisure activities, hobbies – things you do because you want to.

Love is relationship with yourself, others, a higher power – however you find that deep connection.

Ready to go from goal-hopping to clarity? Begin by assessing where you are now in the 4 key areas, using a visual gauge-style measure that looks like this:

A perfect life would show all of your areas, or gauges, at 100% for a balanced, fulfilled life.

A common example looks like this:

Focusing on the areas where you’re most unfulfilled will create the biggest immediate impact. And by building up a critical component of life satisfaction, you’ll gain energy and create momentum.

Setting goals doesn’t need to involve adding to your to-do list.

In other words, saying yes to more work while ignoring deficits in other areas of your life isn’t going to get you where you want to go. If you’re always at the office but showing up drained or stressed, you’re potentially undermining the hard work you’re doing.

Devoting attention to the parts of your life that fuel, inspire, and fulfill you is as important to success as hard work. And stepping off the treadmill to re-evaluate and align all 4 key areas of your life is a great way to kick off your transformation process.

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