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DIY Ideas for Meaningful Holiday Giving


DIY-Gift-Images-0192It’s that time of year again, when thoughts turn to loved ones, traditions, and as a matter of course, gift giving.  And if you happen to forget that last one, simply enter any store or open your mailbox and you’re in for a hasty reminder.  Having recently moved, I’m reminded of the importance of collecting discriminately; most of us don’t need more stuff.  Yet holiday gift giving is a special practice, especially when imparted with a creative, personal touch.   So this year I’m turning to tea for a fresh DIY gift idea, combining the best of both notions into a thoughtful gift, tailored especially for the recipient.

Those of you short on time will love this one.  It’s easy to infuse with intention, healing benefits or just plain decadence if that’s your goal.  Simply start with a jar, from fancy reused to antique store find, and visit one of our local health food stores that carry dozens of different loose leaf teas to choose from.  Some favorites I’ve discovered in my research:  apricot tisane, made from dried apricots and an array of botanicals, chocolate chai (no explanation required).

Or select teas for their healing properties, like ginger for digestion, burdock root for detoxification, or chamomile for relaxation.  If you’re feeling extra creative, come up with your own unique formulas and adorn them with fun descriptive names, like Super Mama Happy Energy Tea, or Chillin’ Lemon Chamomile Tea.

Edible favorites make wonderful gifts, think homemade sauces and dressings, hummus or bean dips, packaged in a cute, upcycled jar.  Add some fancy crackers or breadsticks, and be sure to include the recipe as a thoughtful way to share your good taste.   

Be sure to label your gifts with either some self-stick labels (you can buy in all shapes and sizes at any office supply or craft store), or get fancy with labels you design and print yourself, then glue onto your jar.

This year sidestep the commercialism, get creative, and infuse positive intention and mindful giving into a season that sometimes needs it most.

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