Emotional Self-Awareness; the Key to Shifting from Quiet-Quitting to Values-driven Purpose

Learning to manage your mindset is, like emotional intelligence, a key leadership and relationship-building tool.

Three+ years of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty have led to overwhelm and burnout, both factors tied to employee disengagement and quiet quitting.

Stress itself isn’t the problem. But prolonged periods of stress keep us running in short-term reactionary mode.  In this mindset, we’re prone to exaggerated thinking, often in the form of overdramatizing, overcommitting, ignoring boundaries or shutting down. In the workplace, this self-perpetuating dynamic results in feelings of mistrust and resentment on both sides. Luckily there is an alternative!

Coworkers on a break

In this session, participants will:

Elizabeth Borelli training
  • Understand the term mindset in a user-friendly way.
  • Identify long-term values, and the short term stress-based habits that block you from aligning with them.
  • Learn in-the-moment shifts for prioritizing big picture responses over short term, quick-fix reactions.
  • Practice techniques for managing challenging situations and dynamics more objectively and effectively.
  • Identify go-to strategies for processing, rather than holding on to, negative emotions.

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