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Get Your Bake On!


Another summer officially comes to a close, can you believe it?   East Coast roots and all, the weather in my hometown Santa Cruz keeps me a bit askew – Spring, Summer and Fall all kind of blend together into one long fog and sun-filled haze.

For most of the country though, the onset of Autumn means chilly air, crispy apples and the smoky scent of hearth fires burning.   Fall is the time for baking.   If you either rolled your eyes after reading this, or immediately envisioned the Pillsbury logo, here’s a quick reframe:  baking does not need to time-consuming or complicated.  Here is a short list of negative adjectives often associated with baking from scratch:

  • Time consuming
  • Messy
  • Fattening
  • Sugar-laden
  • Complicated

And it’s true, most baking recipes can be categorized as some or all of those things.  But this is the stuff that gets me going in the morning – it doesn’t have to be.  So I’m asking you to revisit the idea of baking with some new descriptors:

  • Short prep time
  • Requires few dishes
  • Requires few ingredients
  • Sugar free
  • Nutrient dense

And then there’s the one attribute shared by both types of baking:  delicious, which is undoubtedly the best reason of all to get your bake on!

So check out 2 yummy new recipes:  Breakfast Bread Pudding and Savory Harvest Veggie Bake (gluten free), and discover for yourself how easy, healthy and delicious baking from scratch can be!

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