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Healthy, Delicious and Efficient, oh my!


portraits-headshots-rebecca-stark-photographer-0130It’s no surprise that one of the best ways to improve your diet is to start in your kitchen.  Eating out is directly correlated with weight gain, and as we know, the diet-related disease rates in the US continue to rise. Lack of time is the biggest obstacle for lots of us, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you’re looking for efficient and delicious menu ideas, this blog is for you!

Starting this week, I’ll be posting more of my favorite five-minute dishes.  Essentially, you can make a main dish in just minutes of you’ve prepared a sauce and a grain or a bean in advance.  It’s easier than you think, I promise.

And speaking of which, my yummy Miso Goddess Sauce is a five minute wonder!  Use it on quinoa, pasta, rice or salads for a tantalizing entrée or side dish.

Consider this scenario:  you arrive home from work at 5:30, kids in tow, and you need to whip up something quick before meltdowns start happening; theirs or yours, both should be avoided.  Simply boil some water, add your whole grain pasta, cook to al dente, add some frozen chopped veggies, continue to cook through, then drain and toss in Miso Goddess Sauce before serving.   Add some smoked tofu, cooked white beans or smoked wild salmon if you’re concerned about protein.

You have your greens your grains and your protein all in one simple dish.  No additives, no preservatives, no big deal!  I’d add a mixed green salad on the side, and use oil and vinegar or maybe even the Goddess if it’s not overkill.  The idea is this meal is healthy,  kid-friendly and maybe more importantly easy on the mom.  Because let’s face it, the happier you are, the better off everyone in your family will be!  Click here for more simple time saving tips for healthy eating.

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