Just Breathe

A mindfulness-based approach to managing stress and anxiety


After two years of stress and uncertainty, we’re returning to work with our brains on high alert, ready to react to the slightest threat. This is a normal response to the level of disruption we’ve all undergone, but when prolonged leads to feelings of overwhelm and likelihood of overreaction to everyday stressors.

This hands-on workshop teaches participants how their default habits are either contributing to feelings of anxiety or to reestablishing feelings of safety and well-being. Participants will be surprised to learn how simple shifts in things like breathing patterns and posture can make a big impact on mood, stress, and energy levels.

In this workshop, participants will:

Elizabeth Borelli training
  • gain a clearer understanding of our own reactionary responses and behavior patterns

  • simple self-awareness strategies, so we’re able to notice how these patterns express and where it makes sense to adjust them

  • skills to build self-regulation, how to regulate or change your thoughts, emotions, and physiology from reactionary to responsive

  • approachable, desk-friendly practices to shift focus, increase energy and downregulate a stress response

  • how to tap into your natural resources to show up more confidently in any situation

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