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Has the holiday sizzle left you feeling flat?  In other words, has your regular routine completely go sideways over these weeks of nonstop festivity?

I get it!  Kids on vacation, family visiting, the never-ending errands over the holidays can completely derail you.  I know this past two-week break in my writing schedule took the wind out of my momentum for sure.

“Why didn’t I stick with it?  I just didn’t have time.”  Sound familiar?

It’s easy to go full bore into a strict new regimen at first, yet how long does that last? Whether you’re catching up on a project, giving up sugar or hitting the gym, the key to longevity is aligning your goals with your actions.

How often do we resolve to make our goals a priority, start off strong then find we no longer have time during the day to get to take care of our own needs? And there goes the goal. We tell ourselves we just didn’t have time for it. Something shifted, either our motivation or our schedule, and that priority no longer holds top ranking for us.

This is THE biggest reason I hear from women who are unhappy with some aspect of their lives they have the power to change. They simply don’t have the time.

Which is why it’s so important to take that step back and reevaluate your schedule to prioritize your goals.

As women, it’s so easy to let our goals take a backseat to our families. Like past generations have always done. Yet with stress levels and burnout rates continuing to rise while the gender gap holds steady, how has it served us? As women’s empowerment guru Mel Robbins reminds us, when you break the pattern and begin to model prioritizing your needs, you give the next generation permission to do that as well.

It starts with taking back your time.

Designing Your Life author Dave Burnett has a simple exercise to help you review your schedule to see exactly how you’re spending your days. He suggests creating an activity log and updating it in real time over the course of a day or two. You can make time for your goals with this free app, Clockify, which let’s you track your daily activities:   Clockify: to create a visual account of your day.

Look at your calendar.  Where do your priorities fit in? What can you shift to let go of to make space for your goals?

I struggle with this daily, my teens are back in a high needs stage. They still have trouble getting up for school in the morning, but now we have to tack on an hour each morning for styling. Apparently it’s hard to style and watch the clock at the same time. Insert micromanager me, and there goes an hour of my time every morning.

This morning routine is one thing I can let go of if I want to get back on book track. In order to keep myself honest, I’ll have to go on my Outlook calendar where my schedule lives and create a daily event. Every morning, when I full pulled to intervene and prevent bad things from happening, I’ll have to choose to make space for my goal, no matter how risky it feels.

Before writing this sentence I made myself to go to Outlook and schedule a recurring daily meeting with myself, from 7-8 for writing. I’ll share this information with others that may be affected by it. My girls will have to start watching the clock instead of relying on me, not a bad thing for teenagers to learn.

So I’m in. And I invite you to join me.

Winter break is ending, routines will return to normal. This is your opportunity to take the time to define a new normal, one that includes making time for your goals.

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