Mindset Mastery; Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

“Mental Resilience is the single most critical factor in terms of managing uncertainty and ambiguity"                                                                                        - Tara Swart, MIT Sloan School of Business

 6 factors contribute to this attainable skill:

1. Self-Awareness; the ability to stay present and regulated, even in stressful circumstances
2. Perseverance; the ability to recover from failures or setbacks
3. Emotional Control; the ability to self-regulate
4. Flexible Thinking; the ability to shift perspectives, consider alternative solutions
5. Trusting Relationships; being there for, and able to rely upon others for guidance, feedback, and support
6. Sense of Purpose; a connection with values-driven, long-term goals

Illustration of mindset mastery

Delivered as a highly engaging keynote with new modules weekly, or a 2-day workshop.

Elizabeth Borelli training
  • Live training with ongoing online support.
  • New challenges delivered weekly help drive engagement.
  • Daily reminder texts or emails to keep participants on track with their goals.
  • Assessment and resources for tracking progress.
  • Participate and gain results with just 10 minutes a day!
  • Modular and customizable to onsite or remote delivery.

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