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Breathe Into Breakthrough, An Easy and Proven Process for Shifting Mindset, Overcoming Obstacles, and Achieving Your Goals 

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As an experienced coach and master's of psychology student, I recognize that insight doesn't lead to action. Knowing what you need to do, or why you want to do it, isn't enough to lead to lasting change. Starting with the why, taking baby steps, and daily affirmations are great, but the neurobiology of habit change runs much deeper.

Your mind and body are in constant communication, knowing how to tap into this dialogue gives you the opportunity to shift your thoughts, emotions and behavior to align with your goals.

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6 Week Masterclass 3

When you build the pillars for good mental health, better physical health will naturally follow. Creating this foundation for resilience enables you to overcome the challenges of making habit, or behavior change last.

You’ll complete simple assessments to help you get a more objective look at where your natural tendencies to undermine your goals lie, and how to view and stop these hidden “saboteurs” from derailing you. You’ll gain clarity around your natural strengths and values, and how to leverage them using simple, mind-body practices for building confidence and focus.

Individually focused, expertly guided

Your weekly 30-minute individual coaching sessions offer support and guidance for success.

Session 1:
Building Your Foundation

The Habit of Being Present- 5 minutes a day

Breathing Exercises for Your Daily Routine (followed by 10 breathing practices)

Raising Awareness: Get to Know Your Go-To Emotions

The Gut Brain; Your Mind-Body Connection

Weekly coaching call

Session 2:
Gaining Clarity

Core Values

Managing the Judge, Shifting Beliefs

Designing your Life: Setting the Right Goal

Connecting with your Sources of Strength

Weekly coaching call

Session 3:
Telling Your Story

Getting to Know Your Inner Author

Rewriting Your Future

Mindful Journaling

Weekly coaching call

Session 4:
Showing Up Strong

Connecting with Your Power Zone

Embodying Strengths

Obliterating the Obstacles

Boundaries: Letting Go of the Pleaser

Weekly coaching call

Session 5:
Making It Happen

Visualizing Success: Getting Clear on Your Goals

Rewriting Your Story

Moving Forward with Purposeful Vision

Weekly coaching call

Session 6:
Review and Wrap Up

Clarifying your commitment

Support and Accountability

Weekly coaching call celebrating you!

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