Corporate Training

Designed to increase individual focus and engagement, the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program is a blended learning journey that offers your team the insight, motivation, accountability and structure in just 15 minutes a day during the 6 week workshop.

Breathe Into Breakthough 10-minute 10-Day Workshop

Begins October 1st!
8 am PDT, Live on Zoom or on-demand, assessments and workbook included

If you're ready to commit to a daily practice, this fun and engaging workshop is for you!

Live and on-demand, Elizabeth will teach a series of 10-minute daily sessions to introduce you to a variety of proven, everyday breathing techniques Establish your own daily routine as you learn to reduce anxiety both in the moment and overall.

You'll receive a workbook with detailed instructions for the 12 methods techniques practiced in the workshop to help you find the unique set of exercises that work best for you.  What you love, you're more likely to stick with!

If you don't find the exercises helpful after completing all 10 days, I'll happily offer a full refund.

 6 Week App-Based Mid-Career Change Launch Package

Live on Zoom and on-demand

This coaching package is tailored to mid-career professionals feeling stuck in a role or job they're not thriving in.

A Mac's List Recommended Coach, Elizabeth uses a proven process combined with worksheets and resources for job search success, while simultaneously helping to keep you on track using a fun scoring system and ongoing daily incentives.

You'll learn simple methods for reducing stress, overcoming self-doubt and staying resilient during the more challenging parts of the job search.

Individual coaching support for a career change, mid-career advancement, job search, or re-entry into the workforce.