Breathe into Breakthrough SUMMIT

Friday, October 22 &
Saturday, October 23

Don’t miss this free one-time opportunity to learn from leading experts bringing mindset, focus and resilience-building practices to a professional audience.

FREE Breathe Into Breakthough 3 Day Workshop

October 29-31
8 am PDT
Live on Zoom or available on demand

10 minutes a day to build the foundation for lasting habit change
No yoga pants required!

In this free instructor-led workshop,
Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, YTT helps you to learn to use your greatest tool for growth and change. You'll learn how to break deeply ingrained negative thinking patterns using a stress management system you can voluntarily control: the breath.

Learn to use your breath to focus your mind, regulate energy, and intercept your go-to stress response, both in the moment and long term.

 6 Week App-Based Mid-Career Change Launch Package

Live on Zoom and on-demand

This coaching package is tailored to mid-career professionals feeling stuck in a role or job they're not thriving in.

A Mac's List Recommended Coach, Elizabeth uses a proven process combined with worksheets and resources for job search success, while simultaneously helping to keep you on track using a fun scoring system and ongoing daily incentives.

You'll learn simple methods for reducing stress, overcoming self-doubt and staying resilient during the more challenging parts of the job search.

Individual coaching support for a career change, mid-career advancement, job search, or re-entry into the workforce.