Rethinking Habit Change;

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Stick

It’s easy to take a top-down approach to habit change, then blame ourselves when it doesn’t last.

Why we can’t resolution our way into lasting change.

Learn 3 surprising neuroscience-backed reasons habits are so hard to change.

Hint; the mind-body communication patterns are always influencing us, but our executive center doesn’t always share the same priorities.

Learn how to get in on the conversation so you can effectively course-correct on the path to change.

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Why we can’t resolution our way into lasting change.

A New Year brings out the best of intentions for positive change. Resolutions are made, gyms are packed, people are motivated to finally leave those habit that no longer serve them behind. And we know how that typically goes. There’s even a name for it, the January Gym Rush.

It would be nice to see a change in statistics like 50% of new gym members cancel their memberships by the end of January, and up to 70% for yoga studios. Yet year after year the numbers stay the same.

Which begs the question, why can’t we crack the code for lasting habit change?

“Self-Awareness is the first competence of Emotional Intelligence”

- Daniel Goleman

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Thursday, January 26th at 1pm Pacific

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