my sexy italian kitchen

Weekly: May 12th – 26th
Sundays 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Savor the Mediterranean:
A 3-Week culinary journey to food, fun and health!

Over 50% of people what to lose weight and feel better without sacrificing flavor and satisfaction.

Discover the key to sustainable health with a fresh approach to nutrition!

Say goodbye to rigid diet rules and hello to a flexible and inclusive way of eating tailored to your individual tastes, schedule and goals.

Mediterranean style eating stems from a passion for food, living in the moment and savoring life’s pleasures without guilt or judgment.

Led by Elizabeth Borelli, certified professional coach and plant-based nutrition expert.

Join us in enjoying incredible food the Mediterranean way

  • Step by step to a Mediterranean makeover with simple, everyday shifts
  • Learn what to look for, what to eat more of and what to avoid
  • Update your diet for more energy, better sleep and sustainable weight loss
  • Learn how to make eating a feast for the senses you can feel good about
  • Make friends with your inner cues
  • Learn to tap into your creative side and make simple, amazing food

Weekly gatherings held Sunday afternoons at La Marea Café in lovely downtown Capitola

  • Initial 30-minute individual coaching session to review wellness assessment and goals* (optional)

Most diet regimens don’t recognize eating as a holistic process affected by things like stress, negative emotions and environment. No wonder rigid diets don’t work!
Don't let restrictive thinking hold you back – unlock the secret to long-term well-being today!

Slow, multi-sensory savoring, nutrition made easy and cooking made fun, understanding emotions around eating. Food brings people together!

Weekly charcuterie boards featuring fresh and simple foods for your new Mediterranean menu.

Exciting Themes:

  1. Discovering the Secrets of the Mediterranean lifestyle
  2. Variety is the spice of life, how to bring more to yours
  3. Your Mediterranean Italian Weekly Personal Meal Planning Guide
  4. Slow food and the joy of multisensory savoring
  5. Feeding the Senses, Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit
  6. The Secrets of Mediterranean Style Entertaining

Personalized Coaching

Your journey begins with a one-on-one session to discuss your health goals and tailor a plan just for you.

Access to Resources

Instantly unlock coaching, downloadable tools, resources, and delicious recipes to kickstart your transformation.

Daily Reminders

Stay on track with personalized assessments and daily reminders, ensuring a holistic approach to health.

Try It Today - Risk-Free!

Embark on this life-altering journey with confidence, backed by our money-back guarantee.

Your satisfaction is our commitment.

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