Summer Spritzers

Springtime Spritzers

While I’m first to toast to a good chardonnay, there comes in time when less is more. Like when summer is around the corner and you’re ready to ramp up your energy and fitness levels.

Or when you sign up to get up at 6 am each day to lead a workshop on Zoom. In my case I had lessening to do. Rather than swear off social drinking altogether, I decided to lighten up my beverage options instead.

So whether you’re looking to lighten up on alcohol, sugar or calories, here are some great summer options to choose from!

Hard Kombucha is my new adult beverage of choice. Essentially, it’s fermented tea, light and effervescent, there are dozens of small batch brews to choose from. While I wouldn’t call hard kombucha a healthier per se than other boozy beverages, it is lower in sugar, carbs, and calories per serving than wine, and mixed drinks

Alcohol Free Small Batch Craft Beer Perfect for craft beer lovers who are looking to drink less – whether it be for physical, mental, or emotional health reasons. But it very quickly dawned on us that it’s so much simpler than that – sometimes you just want a beer. But you also don’t. And the reason why you ‘don’t’ is really none of anyone’s business. And it’s certainly none of our business.”

Sauvignon Spritzer This one isn’t new, but if you haven’t tried a summer spritzer of sauvignon blanc and sparkling water, you’re in for a treat.

To make:

Fill a wine glass with ice and fill 2/3 with wine, top with sparkling water. If/when you’re ready for a refill, shift the pour to 2/3 sparkling water, 1/3 wine. You won’t miss a thing at half the sugar and calories.

Why not suggest giving up alcohol altogether? In my experience as a coach, the cold turkey approach has about the same success rate as a New Year’s Resolution.

An invitation to begin the habit shifts you know will make you feel more energized, motivating you to keep it going, without fighting feelings of denial. Baby steps on the path to well-being.

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