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Whether you're overwhelmed, stuck, or unable to focus, there is a pathway to clarity that starts with tapping into your source of resilience. 

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We're living through an age of uncertainty, but we don't have to let it derail us.

Chronic uncertainty of the kind we've experienced over the past 2 years, often leads to low-level anxiety. Our brain's safety network is doing its job of keeping us either shut down or on high alert for threatening news, and information, making it hard to avoid seeing everything through the lens of negativity.

Yes, there is a lot to be worried about. But knowing how to channel that worry into motivation gives you options. However, information alone isn't enough. You need a toolkit. The simple mind-body practices you'll learn on this page are proven to be as effective as strategies focused solely on the thinking brain, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.*

If you're ready to break through the hidden barriers and reset your compass in the direction of purpose, power and potential, you're in the right place.

Using tools of Positive Psychology, neuroscience and Positive Intelligence,  Elizabeth will teach you how to use journaling,  breathwork and movement to help you to connect with your sources of inner strength.

As a celebrity performance coach, Tony Robbins talks about setting yourself up for success by starting with a positive view of yourself. When you start from a positive view of what's possible you find ways to think bigger.  Yet for a lot of us that's not always easy to do! This workshop will help you identify and embody your sources of strength to build the resilience you need to initiate and sustain change.


Identifying and Embodying Your Strengths

Don't wait to dedicate space for breaking through feelings of shutdown, anxiety and overwhelm during this FREE 30-Minute Workshop, I’ll share tools for helping you to tap into your source of strength, shift your mindset and build the resilience you need to gain clarity, confidence and motivation to move forward. You deserve it!

  • Gain insight and clarity around your natural strengths using the VIA free assessment
  • Learn how your mindset colors everything you do, and how to shift it away from the negative
  • Tap into simple movement and visualization practices for anchoring into your source of strength
  • Access the power of Strength-centered Journaling using guiding prompts
  • Learn to shift from the distraction or exhaustion of overwhelm into focus
  • Discover simple, everyday mind-body resilience-building exercises you can do every day

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Set Your Foundation with Daily Practice


Awareness is the foundation, practice is the key

Most of us don’t realize how our brains, which are hardwired for safety-first instant reactions, keep our perception from being as objective as it seems. We have hidden thought traps that keep us seeing through a more pessimistic lens unless we learn to recognize and correct them.

We’re all held in place by a narrative, a well-worn set of thinking habits that keep us on the same track, even when we want to change. Change is stressful, stress wants relief, and relief comes from going back to your comfort zone, even when it’s not really very comfortable. It’s the devil you know.

So we go back to telling ourselves we’re too busy, we don’t have time, we’re not ready, we’ll try again next year.

I invite you to try something different this time.

Join me to learn how to tap into your strengths, manage energy and emotions, and shift in the direction of greater optimism.

Set Your Foundation

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10 minutes a day to build the foundation for lasting habit change

In this free instructor-led workshop, Elizabeth Borelli, PCC, YTT helps you to learn to use your greatest tool for growth and change. You'll learn how to break deeply ingrained negative thinking patterns using a stress management system you can voluntarily control: the breath.

The way you breathe affects the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system, even the expression of genes. Research shows there are distinct breathing patterns that regulate specific functions of the nervous system; from fight, flight freeze to rest and digest.

Day 1: Breathing best practices
Day 2: Building a daily habit
Day 3: Intercepting stress and boosting energy

Learn to use your breath to focus your mind, to regulate energy, and to intercept your go-to stress response, both in the moment and long term.  Elizabeth will guide you through a series of simple breath-based strategies proven to result in:

  • less stress
  • more energy
  • increased focus
  • greater self-awareness

Don't miss this free opportunity to dedicate 10 minutes a day for 3 days to discover what all the hype is about!

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Breathe Into Breakthrough Free Workshop (On Demand)

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Breathe Into Breakthrough 10-Day Challenge Workbook

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