Welcome to the Breathe Into Breakthrough Resilience Toolkit

Whether you're overwhelmed, stuck, or unable to focus, there is a pathway to clarity that starts with tapping into your source of resilience. 

We're living through an age of uncertainty, but we don't have to let it derail us.

Chronic uncertainty has led many of us to experience increased stress and anxiety. On one hand, our brain's safety network is doing its job of keeping us either shut down or on high alert for threatening news, and information. On the other, it's hard to avoid seeing everything through a lens of negativity.

It's normal to worry about the future when life is in a state of unrest. But knowing how to channel that worry into motivation gives you options.

Learning to let go of patterns of rumination, excessive worry and heightened anxiety help you to take back control of your life.

Using tools of Positive Psychology, neuroscience and Positive Intelligence,  Elizabeth will teach you how to use journaling,  breathwork and movement to help you to connect with your sources of inner strength.

As a celebrity performance coach, Tony Robbins talks about setting yourself up for success by starting with a positive view of yourself. When you start from a positive view of what's possible you find ways to think bigger.

Yet for a lot of us, that's not always easy to do! This workshop will help you identify and embody your sources of strength to build the resilience you need to initiate and sustain change.


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The Resilience Toolkit; 2 videos and downloadable action sheet in this free, on-demand session

Don't wait to dedicate space for developing your "Meta-vision", or active inner awareness as a pathway to resilience. During this FREE 2 video and accompanying action sheet session, I’ll share tools for helping you to tap into your source of strength, shift your mindset and build the resilience you need to gain clarity, confidence and motivation to move forward. In today's turbulent reality, we all need a way to focus and ground.

In this self-paced, 30-40 minutes workshop, you'll learn:

  • How your physical habits influence your self-image and emotions
  • To recognize your natural strengths
  • Simple movement and visualization practices for anchoring into your source of strength
  • The power of Strength-centered Journaling using guiding prompts
  • How to shift from the distraction or exhaustion of overwhelm into focus
  • Simple, mind-body exercises you can do every day to build emotional strength and resilience.

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