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Unbelievably Easy Rice Paper Wraps



I love fresh spring rolls, or salad wraps as they’re sometimes called.   The Thai-inspired kind prepared with raw, julienned vegetables snugly encased in a rice paper wrapper, made even more delicious with a savory dipping sauce served on the side.  It’s a simple concept, yet one of those recipes I hesitated to try at home.

My problem was with the rice paper wrappers.  I would buy them periodically, but my good intentions were always cut short by the lack of directions on the package.  Eventually, as in a long time later, I would feel compelled to toss them, unopened, they were so old.  Why it took me to long to simply look up the directions, I’ll never know,  but I tell you now that I’ve got a handle on it, making healthy, delicious spring rolls is embarrassingly easy and very kid-friendly.

I started with a demonstration from my daughter Hayden a couple of years back.  She returned home from the summer camp one day with a mission in mind.  She marched in, went straight to the pantry in search of the package of rice paper wrappers I’d been keeping, apparently just for this occasion, and tore it open.  Then she busily sliced and diced some fresh veggies she’d pulled from the fridge.  I simply stood and watched as the lettuce, cilantro and carrot parts flew.  it was both inspiring and adorable to see this determined eight-year-old dip, fill and roll up fresh some delicious spring rolls, just like that!

Ironic as is was to have to learn the simplicity of spring roll making from an eight-year-old, I’m glad to have gotten here.  Now that we know the trick, my kids and I have really gotten creative with our fillings, and we’ve been happily rolling those wraps ever since.

2 Responses to “Unbelievably Easy Rice Paper Wraps”

  1. Michelle DG says:

    Ooh, I’ve been intimidated about making these as well, but LOVE to buy them at my favorite veggie restaurant. I’m going to go out and buy some wrappers and start wrapping! What a great, fast lunch, and so healthy!

    • Elizabeth Borelli says:

      I was surprised at how really quickly you can make them. When it’s just for me, I just soften the roll under the tap and even use last nights leftover salad with a splash of dressing. Much less $$ than going out:-)

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