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A new poll from the American Psychological Association shows that 81% of employees would prefer to work for companies that offer support for mental health concerns.

The new age of uncertainty has led to overwhelm and burnout, both factors tied to employee disengagement and quiet quitting.

Stress itself isn’t the problem. But prolonged periods of stress keep us running in short-term reactionary mode, skewing our perception into defense mode. In this mindset, we’re prone to exaggerated thinking, often in the form of overdramatizing, overcommitting, ignoring boundaries or shutting down. In the workplace, this self-perpetuating dynamic results in feelings of mistrust and resentment on both sides.

So what can we do?

Mindset mastery begins with an understanding of our natural bias toward defense, and role this plays in the stress cycle.

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The 90 Second Rule - the Building Block to Mental Resilience Based on important new findings in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, a user-friendly guide to knowing how emotions work for or against you, and what you can do to shift your response.

Mindset Mastery; Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing  When it comes to learning, we need more than inspiration to change habitual behavior. Proven self-awareness strategies are the building block for turning insight into action.

Emotional Self-Awareness; Managing Burnout,  Connecting with Purpose

The Burnout Reset Challenge; Slowing down the barrage of thoughts and distractions, silencing the inner critic,  connecting with your source of strength, finding your purpose.

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I know, it sounds too simple. How could just 3, 3-minute power pauses each day change your overall perspective, energy level, and motivation? I challenge you to give it a try!

Bridging the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

The Building Block to Emotional Intelligence

Learning to maintain goal alignment when things get rocky is key!

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