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The past two years have been a global swirl of disruption. In the workplace shifting organizational structures, norms, and ways of working have shifted, further causing anxiety levels to rise. More than ever, understanding how these situations induce stress, and meeting these needs within an organization requires new ways of learning.

Typical workplace stressors include:

  • Adjusting to change

  • Uncertainty around communications and cultural norms

  • Feeling powerless, or directionless

  • Guilt over procrastination or failing to keep commitments

  • Overcommitting, inability to uphold boundaries

  • Mistrust, lack of supportive culture

Elizabeth Borelli training

Elizabeth Borelli has spent the past 8 years creating workshops and training centered around the Big 3 foundations for emotional resilience: safety, connection, and resources.

When these needs are unmet, we’re hardwired to enter a state of emotional dysregulation, which can lead to increased distractibility, dissatisfaction, even volatility.

Unhappy employee

Yet organizations also have an unprecedented opportunity to address the issues that have been undermining corporate culture for decades; mistrust, lack of equality or diversity, and disengagement.

Instead of attempting to layer new beliefs, ideas, or expectations over old patterns and hoping they’ll stick, Elizabeth uses proven practices derived from principles of neuropsychology, physiology, and science relating to anxiety and mindset management.

Keynotes and Individual Workshops

Happy architect working at desk

Building Resilience

Shifting from react-ability to response-ability in a fast-paced world

Women coworkers collaborating

Communication on Purpose

Overcoming the 5 Communications Blind Spots (CiQ work) a brain-based approach for building trust, increasing collaboration and getting results


Just Breathe

A mindfulness-based approach to managing stress and anxiety

Coworkers on a break

3 Week Workshop

Reestablishing connection, communication, and cooperation following a remote work world

Positive Intelligence app

6-week Positive Intelligence

App-based mental fitness training

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