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How many of us feel comfortable with uncertainty?

In the workplace,  organizational structures, norms, and ways of working have shifted. This uncertainty leads to greater anxiety, distraction, disconnection, and ultimately increased rates of attrition. More than ever, understanding how these factors increase stress, and meeting these needs within an organization requires new ways of learning.

Elizabeth Borelli has spent the past 8 years creating high-energy talks, trainings and programs that combine her background in leadership development, career and commuications coaching and the psychology of habit change.

Organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to address the issues that have been undermining corporate culture for decades; mistrust, lack of equality or diversity, and disengagement.

Elizabeth Borelli training


I work both on-site and remotely, and get to know the needs of your organization. Lunch & Learn, workshops and training on topics include:

Facing the Dragon; Use the Power of Pause to Perspective-check.

Rejection-proof Your Success Plan; overcome the hidden inner obstacles that keep you from taking action. (Based on the workshop Elizabeth developed and taught at Lee Hecht Harrison.)

Radical Self-awareness. A roadmap for developing the most essential leadership tool, the ability to notice your blindspots and real-time expand your perspective.

Communication on Purpose; for Better Relationships, Greater Efficacy. (Based on the workshop Elizabeth developed and taught at the San Jose Center for Professional Development.)


Keynotes, Workshops and Coaching

Happy architect working at desk

Building Resilience

Silencing the inner critic, connecting with your source of strength, being seen and heard, no burnout required.

Women coworkers collaborating

Communication on Purpose

Overcoming the 5 Communications Blind Spots (CiQ work) a brain-based approach for building trust, increasing collaboration and getting results


Just Breathe

A mindfulness-based approach to managing stress and anxiety for greater clarity, better decision making and lower rates of burnout.

Coworkers on a break

Team Training

Reestablishing connection, communication, and cooperation following a remote work world

Positive Intelligence app

6-week Positive Intelligence

App-based mental fitness training

Ready to build connection, improve communications reduce burnout and empower individuals within your team?

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