Navigating the bridge between body and brain to manage anxiety and emotions

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Your breath is your life source, something you do all day every day, it’s easy to think you got this. But there’s more to the breath than meets the eye. What you may not know, is the breath serves as a bridge from your body to your brain. It’s one of the only systems that functions automatically and that we can voluntarily control.

“The good news is that all of us can use tools of self-awareness and self-care to heal our trauma and, indeed, to become healthier and more whole than we’ve ever been.”

― Dr. James S. Gordon, The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma,
Breathe into Breakthrough Summit Speaker

I conceptualized the Breathe into Breakthrough 2-day summit as a way to bridge the gap between mindfulness and career for the professional clients I coach. In bringing mind-body practices into your professional life, you can reduce the stress that’s doubled since the pandemic began. You can learn to regain control of your focus and build emotional resilience, finding the learning in life’s challenges rather than letting them shut you down.

I hope you’ll join me along with some of the most recognized names in breathwork, emotional and positive intelligence, and mind-body stress reduction. You’ll leave with:

You’ll learn:

  • Tools for regulating energy and emotions, anytime, anywhere
  • How to focus during times of stress – strategies for staying on track with your priorities
  • Breathwork basics from leading practitioners
  • Ways to optimize physical and mental performance
  • How breathwork acts as the foundation for lasting change
  • Strategies for building resilience during change and uncertainty
  • Five-minute methods for improving sleep, focus, and concentration
  • Proven techniques for building mental fitness and your ability to train your attention

ALL of these strategies are proven to manage stress and anxiety both in the moment and long-term.

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The Breathe into Breakthrough live 2-day summit features 8 of the leading authors and experts in breathwork, stress management, professional growth and development. Learn more today!

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I’m Elizabeth Borelli, and I’m passionate about coaching women through breakthrough change. By combining my years of coaching experience, a BA in psychology, multiple certifications in ICF-accredited life coaching, plant-based nutrition, and YTT 200 yoga teacher training, I’ve developed a unique mind-body approach to personal growth and professional success.